What is a 2001 Yamaha Road Star 1600 worth?

What is a 2001 Yamaha Road Star 1600 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $10,999 $2,370
Options (Change)
Total Price $10,999 $2,370

Does Yamaha still make the road star?

The Yamaha XV1600A is a cruiser-style motorcycle. It is also called the Yamaha Road Star or in Europe the Yamaha Wild Star. It has been produced from 1999 through model Year 2014 when the Roadstar model line was discontinued.

What year did the Yamaha Road Star get fuel injection?

In 2008, the Road Star also received electronic fuel injection. The Road Star had a cubic capacity greater than some cars, and the massive pushrod V-twin mill could deliver an amazing 134.3nm of torque at 2250 rpm.

How much does a 2001 Yamaha Roadstar 1600 weigh?

Yamaha XV 1600A Road Star

Make Model Yamaha XV 1600A Road Star / Wild Star
Dry Weight 307 kg / 676.8 lbs
Wet Weight 325.0 kg / 716.5 lbs
Fuel Capacity 20 Litres / 5.28 US gal
Consumption Average 15.1 km/lit

How many cc is a Yamaha Road Star?

When the Road Star debuted, it boasted the biggest V-twin engine on a production model motorcycle — 1602 cc. Yamaha discontinued the Road Star 1600 after the 2003 model year, increasing the engine size on the Road Star for the 2004 model year to 1670 cc and renaming it the Road Star 1700.

What is the difference between the Yamaha Road Star and the V Star?

Registered. Depends which V Star you’re talking about. The 1300 is liquid cooled, while the Road Star is air cooled. Next biggest difference that comes to mind for me is that the cruising RPMs of the Road Star are SIGNIFICANTLY lower than the V Stars.

What does V star mean?

Sun is classified as a G2 V star, with G2 standing for the second hottest stars of the yellow G class—of surface temperature about 5,800 kelvins (K)—and the V representing a main sequence, or dwarf, star, the typical star for this temperature class.

Where is Yamaha VStar made?

– In 2005, Star became its own company with Yamaha still handling the production and distribution. No. They are made in Japan. Designed in the U.S., But produced in Japan.

What is the biggest motorcycle Yamaha makes?

Yamaha XV1900A
The Yamaha XV1900A is a motorcycle manufactured by the Yamaha Motor Company and sold in the United States through Yamaha’s Star Motorcycles division. It is the largest Yamaha motorcycle in production.