How many km is Velliangiri Hills?

How many km is Velliangiri Hills?

The distance from foothills to top is 13 kms. Myself, two friends and my cousin were part of the trek. We reached the foothills by car around 11 PM.

How many hours it will take to climb Velliangiri Hills?

Velliangiri is famous for the seven hills trek. To complete the first hill it would take 30–45 mins if you trek nonstop, probably one of the hardest hills out of the seven. It will all be steps, steps, and steps. Once you reach the first hill, you would find shops where they sell a lot of eateries and drinks.

Are girls allowed in Velliangiri Hills?

The hill ranges have abundant natural resources, which include rare herbs. Lord Panchalingesa and his Consort Manonmani amman alias Parvathi, bestow their grace on the devotees who throng here annually between February and May. Women between 10 and 50 years of age are not permitted to climb up the mountains.

Can we stay in Velliangiri Hills?

Night stay is possible. The climate in the 7th hill is unpredictable.

Which is the highest hill station in Tamil Nadu?

Doddabetta Peak #1 highest peaks in Tamil Nadu. Situated in the Nilgiris, Doddabetta Peak is onr of the highest peaks in Tamil Nadu. It soars 8,650 feet (2,637 metres) above sea level, and is close to the famous hill station of Ooty.

Which mountain is called Kailash of South India?

Vellingiri Hills
Coimbatore, India Vellingiri Hills, a chain of 7 mountains is also called the kailash of South and is the adobe of Lord Shiva.

What is the height of Parvathamalai?

Parvathamalai, a shrine meant for Lord Mallikarjunar, is all set to get a facelift to ensure the comfort and safety of devotees. It is located at a height of 4,560 feet at Kalasapakkam union in Tiruvannamalai district.

How do I get to the Adiyogi Shiva statue?

The statue is located in the Dhyanalinga complex. If you want to travel in public transport, you can take a state bus from Gandhipuram bus stand, which sends out a bus every 45 minutes to the gates of the complex. From the Dhyanalinga temple, you can walk to the sculpture which is a 7 min short walk.

Which mountain is considered as Southern Kailash?

On his way back, in order to take rest he spends time at the Velliangiri mountain. This is how it got its name Southern Kailash or Thenkalayam.

How much height is Ooty from sea level?

Ooty, situated at an altitude of 2,240 mt above sea level is deep within the Nilgiri hills and is covered in eucalyptus, pine trees and coffee and tea plantations. It is believed by some that Ooty stands out as a unique specimen because it had never been part of a kingdom or empire.

Which is the famous hill station of Tamil Nadu?

9 Hill Stations to Visit in Tamil Nadu

  • Ooty. Situated at a height of 2240 meters, Ooty is famous as the ‘Queen of hill stations’.
  • Coonoor.
  • Yelagiri.
  • Kodaikanal.
  • Kotagiri.
  • Yercaud.
  • Topslip.
  • Kolli Hills.