Is RKSV and Upstox same?

Is RKSV and Upstox same?

Discount broking firm RKSV has renamed itself Upstox. The brokerage does approximately 2 per cent of the NSE turnover on a daily basis (approximately Rs 7,000 crore turnover daily).

Is RKSV trustworthy?

RKSV is as credible and safe as any other brokers in India i.e. ICICI Direct or Sharekhan. They are registered with SEBI, BSE & NSE and regularly audited by them. RKSV is authority broker of NSE and BSE.

Who is RKSV?

RKSV is a retail brokerage firm for securities and commodities headquartered in Mumbai, India. We help retail traders shave off their brokerage costs by providing online trading software (mobile and web) for free, and a low cost brokerage plan.

What is RKSV full form?

In 2011, the founders decided to start RKSV Securities in order to provide an easier trading platform and at a low brokerage. Founders of RKSV Securities are Ravi Kumar, Raghu Kumar and Shrinivas Viswanath. RKSV stands for the initials of their names (RK for Ravi and Raghu Kumar and SV for Shrinivas Viswanath).

Can I trust Upstox?

Upstox is a safe, legit and trusted online discount stock broker. Upstox is a Mumbai based stock broker. It has a membership of BSE, NSE and MCX exchanges. It doesn’t offer higher margin like other full-service brokers.

Who is the parent company of Upstox?

RKSV Securities Pvt Ltd.
Upstox is a private limited company owned by Mumbai based RKSV Securities Pvt Ltd. Mr. Ravi Kumar, Mr.

Can we trust Upstox?

Yes, Upstox is a safe broker. It is a registered member of SEBI, BSE, NSE, MCX and CDSL. The company is regulated by the stock broker regulations. It is audited regularly by the exchanges.

Is Zerodha better than Upstox?

Upstox offers priority brokerage plan (at Rs 30 per trade) which has up to 25x leverage on Intraday, Futures & Options. Zerodha has much stronger focus and investment in technology which results in a better trading platform, trading tools and customer support.

Which is the best trading app in India?

Top Trading App in India with their Ratings

Rank Trading Platform Performance Ratings
1 Zerodha Kite 9.8/10
2 Upstox Pro App 9.4/10
3 Angel Broking Mobile App 9.0/10
4 5Paisa Mobile App 8.9/10

Which is best Upstox or Angel Broking?

Incorporated in 1987, Angel Broking is one of the largest full-service retail brokers in India offering online discount brokerage services….Angel Broking Vs Upstox.

Angel Broking Upstox
Type of Broker Discount Broker Discount Broker
Exchnage Membership BSE, NSE, MCX, NCDEX BSE, NSE, MCX
Year of Incorporation 1987 2012
Number of Branches 900 4