What is my ham radio callsign?

What is my ham radio callsign?

Go to the FCC ULS page http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls/ Enter a specific call sign, and select “Search.” Your FRN will appear on your License record. Some of the publicly available online amateur databases may also provide your FRN.

How do I get a ham callsign?

You can obtain a vanity call sign using either the Universal Licensing System or FCC Form 605, Main Form and Schedule D. There are up to three different request types for requesting vanity call signs, depending on whether the call sign is to apply to a primary or a club station.

What does 5 and 9 mean ham radio?

For example, a signal of “5 9” means that the phone signal is Readability 5, and Strength 9; a perfectly readable and extremely strong signal.

What does ham stand for in ham radio?

Amateur radio operators
Amateur radio operators are also known as radio amateurs or hams. The term “ham” as a pejorative nickname for amateur radio operators was first heard in 1909 by operators in commercial and professional radio communities. The word was subsequently embraced by the operators, and stuck.

Why is it called ham radio?

The word “HAM” as applied to 1908 was the station CALL of the first amateur wireless station operated by some amateurs of the Harvard Radio Club. They were ALBERT S. HYMAN, BOB ALMY and POOGIE MURRAY. They then decided to use only the first letter of each name and the station CALL became “HAM”.

What are the two types of call signs?

Call signs almost always have one of the following forms: prefix can be letter-letter, letter-digit, or digit-letter. A call sign composed of a letter, two digits, and one-letter is always a 2×1 call sign, meaning it has a letter-digit prefix and a single-letter suffix.

Can I get my ham radio license online?

For about $25, you can take the Ham Radio Prep course online — you’ll start with the Technician’s license. Pass the test and wait to receive your license and call sign.