Is there bioluminescence in Tomales Bay?

Is there bioluminescence in Tomales Bay?

On a seasonal basis, Tomales Bay lights up with bioluminescence after the sun goes down. The brilliant light show is the result of bioluminescent organisms called dinoflagellates that live just beneath the water’s surface. These organisms emit a blue-green light as a defense mechanism against attackers.

Where is the bioluminescence in Tomales Bay?

In Tomales Bay, the glinting creatures are most often seen in the water column. The phenomenon is best seen in the dark of a still, moonless night, perhaps one darkened further by clouds or thick fog.

Can you see bioluminescence in the Bay Area?

One of the largest protected bay and coastal areas in California, Tomales Bay is a kayaker’s paradise and only a short distance from San Francisco and the Bay Area. It is also one of the few places in the world where you can witness the natural phenomenon of bioluminescence!

What time is best for kayaking?

Kayaking in the morning is usually better than in the afternoon as winds can pick up in the afternoon making kayaking more difficult. For the first half of your trip, head into the wind, if possible. That way when you’re tired later on, you can then kayak downwind and get a little boost.

Can you see bioluminescence during full moon?

Another factor in bioluminescence is the amount of moonlight on the bay during your tour. While the gibbous moon that was out on our partly-cloudy night allowed for an enjoyable sight, a large full moon on a clearer night might have made it a bit more difficult to spot the green/blue glow.

Can you see bioluminescence in San Francisco?

Meanwhile, north of San Francisco at Point Reyes National Seashore, Tomales Bay is a dependable spot for bioluminescence and you can go out on guided trips with Blue Waters Kayaking.

Can you see bioluminescence in rain?

Sometimes a bit of rain stirs up the bioluminescence and makes it brighter, but Hurricane Irma dumped a lot of water and brought a lot of wind. Florida was lucky that we ended the 2017 summer bioluminescence season with our beautiful glow still intact.

What should I bring kayaking?

Getting Started Kayaking

  • Kayak. Let’s start with the obvious, first — you’ll need a kayak.
  • Buoyancy Aid. A buoyancy aid is similar to a life jacket, but it allows for more movement of your neck and arms.
  • Paddle. Of course, you simply can’t go kayaking without a paddle.
  • Wetsuit/Dry Top.
  • Wet Shoes.
  • Rope Bag.
  • Dry Bag.
  • Shelter.

When should I go to bioluminescent bay?

While the bio bays have some bioluminescence year-round, the best time of the year to visit them is during the dry season, from December to mid-April. Heavy rainfall can cloud the water and make it harder to see the glow from the dinoflagellates.