Is Elitches water park open 2021?

Is Elitches water park open 2021?

Yes! We have been formally approved by City and State officials to open for the 2021 season with new health and safety guidelines. See Park Hours! Elitch Gardens Season Pass Pledge – Here at Elitch Gardens, we understand that it is a difficult and uncertain time for all.

Is Elitches Open 2020?

2020 season passes and day passes have been automatically transferred to 2021. Elitch Gardens plans to open to the public on May 1. While the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the park in 2020, they hope new communications and social distancing procedures this season will keep both visitors and team members safe.

Where is Elitches relocating?

“Almost from the moment Elitch Gardens owner Sandy Gurtler made the announcement [to move to] Highlands Ranch, a group of residents in the area mobilized to see that it would never happen,” a local columnist wrote in 1986. “One ponders whether Douglas County will ever be ready for anything.”

Can you bring empty water bottles into Elitches?

Am I permitted to bring my own food and beverages into the park? Outside food and beverage are not permitted, however, guests may bring in clear sealed water bottles. Guests with special dietary needs may bring in their own food. Please see a Security Agent for details.

How much are Elitches passes?

Price is $64.99 if you renew or purchase 4 or more passes. $69.99 if purchased new or 3 or less passes. Some Fright Fest Attractions, such as Haunted Houses and Séance are an extra charge.

Is Elitches moving?

Elitch Gardens Is Going To Be Removed And Replaced With Apartment Buildings. Denver’s constantly growing skyline is poised for yet another major change. The River Mile project has gained approval from City Council. The large development would be built on the site Elitch Gardens currently occupies.

Is Elitches going away?

How many people have died at Elitches Gardens?

three people
At least three people have died in accidents at Elitch Gardens, but they were not due to machine or ride malfunctions. Only one of those deaths happened to a park patron. A man who was part of a group of mentally-challenged individuals undid his safety harnesses and fell to his death in May 2002.

How old is Elitches?

Elitch Gardens’ honors its history as one of the oldest consecutive-operating amusement parks in the United States in 2020 when it turns 130 years old.