Does Honey Baked Ham serve lunch?

Does Honey Baked Ham serve lunch?

STOP IN FOR HONEYBAKED® LUNCH! Our HoneyBaked® stores feature a great selection of ham and turkey sandwiches, salads, deli sides and so much more. Find a HoneyBaked® store near you to see the lunch menu.

How much is a honey baked ham lunch box?

HoneyBaked Ham Menu prices

Item Size Price
Signature Sandwich Boxed Lunch
Lunch Ham Classic Sandwich Ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce tomato, savory mayo and hickory honey mustard on a flaky croissant. Served with a pickle, chips and your choice of a cookie or brownie. $8.29

Does Honey Baked Ham serve sandwiches?

The HoneyBaked is the new signature ham sandwich featuring Honey Baked Ham topped with sweet honey glaze, Swiss cheese, house pickles and crispy onions. In addition to these new items, HoneyBaked’s lunch menu offers a variety of handcrafted sandwiches, salads and sides all made fresh in house.

How much is a Honey Baked Ham sandwich?

Honeybaked Ham Menu Prices

Item Price
Ham Classic Sandwich $8.03
Ham Salad Sandwich $7.64
Roasted Tomato & Cheddar Sandwich $7.61
Tavern Club Sandwich $8.56

How long can a Honey Baked Ham stay in refrigerator?

If kept in refrigeration, the Ham will stay fresh for 7 to 10 days, and the Turkey Breast for 5 to 7 days.

Does Honey Baked Ham sell slices?

Honey Baked™ by the Slice – Pickup So, skip the deli counter (and its processed lunch meat) and pick up individual sliced portions of ham and turkey breast from The Honey Baked Ham® Company. Serve this thick-sliced, tender meat to elevate simple sandwiches from dull to delicious and salads from unexciting to inspiring.

How long can you keep a honey baked ham in the freezer?

Honey Baked Ham® and Turkey Breasts can be frozen for up to six weeks. To freeze unused portions of Ham or Turkey after opening, wrap them in aluminum foil and freeze within five days from receipt. To serve after freezing, remove from the freezer and place in refrigeration for 24-48 hours to thaw before serving.

How long can you keep ham on the bone in the fridge?

How long does Christmas ham last? Christmas ham stored in the fridge, either on the bone or carved off and wrapped in plastic and foil, will keep perfectly well for up to two weeks.