What is the difference between VOC and Nmvoc?

What is the difference between VOC and Nmvoc?

Essentially, NMVOCs are identical to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), but with methane excluded. NMVOCs is an umbrella term which encompasses all speciated and oxygenated biogenic, anthropogenic, and pyrogenic organic molecules present in the atmosphere, minus the contribution of methane.

What is NMVOC in chemistry?

Abbreviation for Non-methane volatile organic compounds. Organic chemical compounds, excluding methane, that under normal conditions can vaporise and enter the atmosphere. NMVOCs include such compounds as benzene, xylene, propane and butane. See also VOCs.

What is NMVOC emission?

NMVOCs are emitted to air as combustion products, as vapour arising from petrol and solvent use and from numerous other sources. NMVOCs are involved in the photochemical production of ozone and secondary organic aerosols in the atmosphere over a large spatial scale.

Are NMVOC greenhouse gases?

Also reported are four indirect greenhouse gases: Nitrogen oxides (NOx) Carbon monoxide (CO) Non-methane volatile organic compounds (NMVOC)

Is BTEX carcinogenic?

Health standards for BTEX Benzene is a known carcinogen (cancer causing). The ambient air quality objectives to protect human and environmental health are 3 ppb for benzene, 100 ppb for toluene and up to 200 ppb for xylene—based on the ambient concentrations of these chemicals being averaged over a yearly period.

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