What is Hinckley famous for?

What is Hinckley famous for?

Hinckley is a traditional centre of the hosiery industry. The first framework knitting machine was brought here by Joseph Iliffe in the 17th century and by the 19th century Hinckley was responsible for a large proportion of Britain’s hosiery production.

How big is Hinckley and Bosworth?

297.3 km²
Hinckley and Bosworth District/Area

What is the population of Hinckley Leicestershire?

around 110,000
Our population is around 110,000, covering an area of approximately 30 hectares with 16 wards, 24 parishes and 34 councillors.

Is Hinckley a good area?

There is an abundance of things to see and do in and around the Hinckley area. For many people, Hinckley offers the perfect balance of a great town, easy access to nearby cities, but just as important, beautiful countryside on your doorstep. There are miles of footpaths to walk and enjoy the Leicestershire Countryside.

Is Hinckley a nice area?

Hinckley and Bosworth has a very low unemployment rate of just 3% and with the schools in the area rated Good or Outstanding with Grades 5% above the national average for all Schools in England this is a great place to raise a family. He then went on to play for Leicester Tigers, England and the British Lions.

Is Leicestershire a nice place to live?

The city is extremely highly regarded, being placed in the top ten places to live in the UK by both Onefamily and Lonely Planet. Leicester offers its 443,800 residents a host of outstanding towns and suburbs, verifying the city’s hallmark as a great place to live.

Is Burbage a village?

Burbage is a village in the county of Leicestershire, England. According to the United Kingdom Census 2001 the parish had a population of 14,324, increasing to 14,568 at the 2011 census.

Is Desford a nice place to live?

Desford isn’t exactly picturesque, but it’s a decent place to live, as are Newbold Verdon, Barlestone and Osbaston…

Is Burbage a nice area?

One of the more ‘exclusive’ neighbourhoods to live, Burbage has everything within easy reach including good schools and great shopping. Part of our Top 200 Places to Live series.

What’s it like to live in Nuneaton?

Nuneaton town centre is officially the safest place in the town, with 108 crimes reported there during May 2018. It also had the least reports of one of the most serious offences on the list – violent and sexual crime – at 25. By contrast, the south of the town has the highest levels of crime.

Is Nuneaton nice place to live?

This Northern Warwickshire town offers a decent living without costing too much. Traditionally a manufacturing town, Nuneaton now relies on distribution and economics. Major towns like Birmingham and Coventry are nearby for people who may choose to work or do business there.