How many points is Napfa gold?

How many points is Napfa gold?

Silver Award Requirements: At least a D grade performance in all 6 test items and a total of 15 or more points. Gold Award Requirements: At least a C grade performance in all 6 test items and a total of 21 or more points.

What is a Napfa test?

The National Physical Fitness Award/Assessment (NAPFA) Scheme is a test of physical fitness for Singaporeans as part of Singapore’s Sports For Life programme. NAPFA was launched in January 1982 as a standardised assessment of overall fitness for the general population.

Is there still Napfa?

Currently, polytechnic and ITE students take the Napfa test in their final year, with some even leaving it till two weeks before they are enlisted. All pre-enlistees have to get at least a silver for the Napfa test to skip an eight-week physical training programme, which lengthens their NS.

How do I pass Napfa?

[13M] Advice on passing NAPFA?

  1. Sit-ups: E.
  2. Standing Broad Jump: Fail.
  3. Sit & Reach: B.
  4. Inclined Pull-ups: Fail.
  5. Shuttle Run: Fail.
  6. 2.4km Run: E.

What is the maximum points for push up or sit up?

3. New scoring system to motivate personal excellence. The new scoring system allows an NSman to score up to 50 points for the 2.4km run, and 25 points each for the push-up and sit-up test stations.

Is there NAPFA test in JC?

Every Singaporean kid will have to go through the NAPFA test for at least 6 years in primary school, and then go through it again in secondary school and JC/Poly.

What happens if you fail NAPFA?

What happens if I fail my NAPFA test? It will be reflected as ‘Participated’ in your transcript. However, you are allowed to retake the NAPFA test as many times as you like. Your best results will be reflected in SAS.

How do I check my NAPFA score?

You may check the results via Student Portal -> Final Year students tab -> E-services for Final Year Students -> NAPFA folder -> View NAPFA result.

What happens if you fail Napfa?

Will there be Napfa test in 2021?

MOE also said that the Napfa this year will be cancelled, as students may not be sufficiently prepared physically.