Who owns free country brand?

Who owns free country brand?

Ira Schwartz
From the slopes outside of CU Boulder to the avenues of Manhattan, Founder and CEO Ira Schwartz combined his New York upbringing with his love of the outdoors to create Free Country.

What Is Free Country brand?

Free Country is a clothing brand that is known for its outerwear jackets. Offering designs for both men and women, this company manufactures high-performance garments that can withstand harsh snow and rain. They also sell activewear including leggings, board shorts, and swim attire.

Are free country jackets good for skiing?

Free Country’s Spire 3-in-1 is a good value for someone who skis occasionally and wants a jacket that 1) doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, 2) is very warm, and 3) has an inner liner that can be worn by itself (two jackets in one!). If the surfeit of pockets or pit zips doesn’t bother you, then go for it. You’ll be fine.

How do you wash a free country jacket?

The summary of the ten commandments for softshell washing

  1. Empty all pockets.
  2. Close fasteners, including velcro zippers.
  3. Turn the jacket inside out.
  4. Use a special washing powder.
  5. Do not use bleach, fabric softeners, water softeners.
  6. Wash at 30°C-40°C according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  7. Let the jacket rinse properly.

Is Free Country Made in USA?

Welcome to Free Country® The idea for Free Country was born in the Colorado Rockies and came to life in New York City in 1990. We are an American lifestyle brand that values family, friends, and shared experiences.

Where is free country brand from?

New York
Free Country is all types of clothing company located in New York.

How heavy is a midweight jacket?

9.5 – 12 oz (285 – 360 grams) is a midweight and the best option for “all season” suits.

How do free country jackets fit?

Free Country Power Down ~ Sizing The jacket is just a little tight through the shoulders (doesn’t look bad, just feels snug inside), and I won’t be able to wear anything too bulky underneath.

Can you wash a waterproof jacket?

Waterproof jackets should never be washed using ordinary detergent or fabric softener. The chemicals in detergent can break down the composition of the fibres with each wash and strip the fabric of its waterproof coating. A cleaner specifically designed for technical outerwear is recommended.

Are midweight jackets good for winter?

Opt for heavy insulation here—200 (midweight) or 300 (heavyweight) fleece is best. In most conditions you’ll want to wear a waterproof/breathable shell over the insulating layer, so don’t worry about the fleece being windproof.

What does midweight jacket mean?

Most FCX / Midweight garments are fleece or quilt lined and not insulated. These jackets are plenty warm for most conditions but for extreme weather add a layer underneath.