What happens in Act 5 Scene 1 of The Merchant of Venice?

What happens in Act 5 Scene 1 of The Merchant of Venice?

Portia greets Bassanio, who introduces her to Antonio, who reports in turn that he has been acquitted in the courts of Venice. Gratiano and Nerissa begin to argue over the ring with which he promised never to part. Nerissa chastises her husband not for hurting her feelings, but for breaking his own promise.

What is the good news that Nerissa gives to Lorenzo?

Antonio praises Portia for “giving him his life and living.” And Nerissa gives Lorenzo the good news that he and Jessica will get all of Shylock’s inheritance.

What good news does Portia have for Antonio How does he respond to it?

Answer: Portia finally clears up the confusion by informing Bassanio that she and Nerissa were the doctor and the clerk. She further has good news for Antonio, namely a letter that indicates that three of his ships arrived in port safely.

Does Portia forgive Bassanio?

Synopsis: Portia and Nerissa return to Belmont. Antonio steps in and pleads with Portia to forgive Bassanio. At this request, the women return the rings to their husbands and reveal that Portia was the lawyer who saved Antonio.

Why did Portia and Nerissa disguise?

This very sentiment is the primary motivation for the cross dressing of Portia and Nerissa in The Merchant of Venice. Portia understands that in order to help her husband’s friend Antonio, she must dress like a man in order to escape the strict limitations placed on women at the time (Belsey 639).

Why does Gratiano marry Nerissa?

The relationship between Nerissa and Gratiano is a good deal more traditional than that between Bassanio and Portia. Though she’s quite submissive, as mentioned earlier, she does display some degree of independence; it is she who insists that marriage to Gratiano is conditional on Bassanio and Portia doing likewise.

What does Bassanio feel like after winning Portia?

Answer: Bassanio was overwhelmed to know that he has won Portia’s hand. HE felt as if he was someone who has competed for a prize and thinks that all the applause and cheers are for his success but isn’t quite sure because he is so stunned and isn’t certain if all he cheerind and praise is for him.

What is the moral of Merchant of Venice?

The Merchant of Venice teaches us that we need financial means to support our family and live a comfortable lifestyle. At the same time, financial decisions must not be taken hastily, especially if you want to secure your family`s financial future and grow your wealth.

Who does Nerissa marry?

Nerissa. Portia’s lady-in-waiting and confidante. She marries Gratiano and escorts Portia on Portia’s trip to Venice by disguising herself as her law clerk.

Where did Portia and Nerissa really go?

Portia and Nerissa go to Venice disguised as a lawyer and clerk. In the courtroom, the Duke asks Shylock to show some compassion and Bassanio offers 6000 ducats to repay Antonio’s loan.