How do you beat the Venus lighthouse in golden sun?

How do you beat the Venus lighthouse in golden sun?

When you walk into the room, use Reveal and go into the door that appears on your right, then go up and talk to the big statue. Be sure to talk to it twice (so that the light aligns on the left side) then you can exit the Lighthouse and head north to the next town….Walkthrough: Venus Lighthouse.

Enemies Exp. Reward
Nightmare 241 exp. 198 coins

How do I get through Babi Lighthouse?

Walkthrough: Babi Lighthouse Go up the rightmost ladder and push it two spaces left, then cast Move to move it one space up, then cast Carry and drop it one space left. This forms a hop-able path to the chest above, which contains a Lucky Pepper.

How do you get carry in Golden Sun?

The Carry Stone is acquired from a chest in the beginning portion of Venus Lighthouse (the part that is accessible before entering Lalivero). Use Reveal at the carving on the wall in the second room and take the now-visible staircase down to a platform with the treasure chest containing the Carry Stone.

How many lighthouses are there in golden sun?

four lighthouses
Overview. There are four lighthouses: Mercury Lighthouse, which is aligned with Water and located in northern Angara.

How do you get Kikuichimonji in Golden Sun?

In Golden Sun, it is dropped by Fenrirs in Venus Lighthouse, although the odds of receiving one are very slim. Being a Light Blade, it can be equipped by Isaac, Garet, and Ivan. Should it be transferred to Golden Sun: The Lost Age, it can also be equipped by Felix, Jenna, and Piers.

Can you teleport in Golden Sun?

The Teleport Lapis (テレポートのラピス, Lapis of Teleport) is a Utility Psynergy item featured in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It bestows the Teleport Psynergy, and it can be cast on certain large, circular stone patterns on the ground so that they can be used as “warp pads” that teleport the party to connected patterns.

Which Golden Sun game is best?

Golden Sun was ranked 94 and The Lost Age was ranked 78 on IGN’s Readers Choice Top 100 games ever….Reception.

Game GameRankings Metacritic
Golden Sun 89% 91/100
Golden Sun: The Lost Age 87% 86/100
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn 81% 79/100

How do I get Kikuichimonji?

The Kikuichimonji is only available via transfer in The Lost Age. By the time the player gains access to it, stronger weapons will already be available. Thus, the Kikuichimonji will likely see little use. In Dark Dawn, the Kikuichimonji can be obtained as soon as the player gains access to the ship.