What kind of wine is masi campofiorin?

What kind of wine is masi campofiorin?

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Winery Masi
Grapes Corvina
Region Italy / Veneto / Verona / Rosso Veronese
Wine style Northern Italy Red
Alcohol content 13%

Is Masi Campofiorin a good wine?

Produced from the traditional Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara wine grapes, Masi Campofiorin 2017 is full-bodied, lush and luxurious on the palate with ripe cherry, dried sweet tobacco leaf, blue florals, rose petals, sweet spice, balanced acidity and a smooth and velvety finish. Best Italian Red Wine. Best Italian Soave.

Is Masi Campofiorin dry?

Ruby red colour; dry with a complex nose of plums, prunes, leather, cinamon spice and violets; dry, medium-to full-bodied with generous fruit on the palate; a nice backbone of spice and tannins.

Is Masi a type of wine?

Masi wines are modern, attractive, well-balanced and easily identifiable; characteristics which have earned Masi recognition for having “revolutionized the art of wine-making in the Venetian region.” Hugh Johnson defines Masi as “a touchstone for Veronese wines.”

Is Masi a good wine?

This is one of the best reds out there because it is smooth yet so flavourful. It is great to have with a lot of different meals or simply at the end of the day. Masi always produces such great wine.

What does Nectar angelorum Hominibus mean?

“The label on Campofiorin carries the phrase: ”Nectar Angelorum Hominibus”, nectar of the angels for men.

Is J. Lohr a dry wine?

Most J. Lohr wines are considered dry wines, apart from two Rieslings; one of which is a Late Harvest limited production that’s especially great with dessert (or for dessert)!

Is J. Lohr a good wine?

Overall, J Lohr Cabernet Sauvignon was a great straightforward and uncomplicated Cabernet Sauvignon. Definitely drinkable now and likely even better with age. My favorite element was the lofty aroma. For a pairing, consider the bottle’s suggestion of grilled or roasted red meats.

Is Amarone a ripasso?

Ripasso and Amarone methods. Ripasso and Amarone are two typical wines from the northern Italian wine region of Valpolicella. Ripasso is generally less well known than Valpolicella and Amarone wines even though it shares some features of both wines.