What is the best military branch to join after high school?

What is the best military branch to join after high school?

The Navy. If the ability to travel is non-negotiable to you, the Navy is probably the best branch to join. There are only a handful of jobs in the Navy that don’t spend a significant amount of time at sea; you can expect to spend a lot of time away from home assigned to a ship or submarine.

Can a high school student join the military?

Sgt. Sims: Recruits must be between the ages of 17-28, be a U.S. citizen or legal resident, be a high school graduate or on track to graduate from high school within the next year.

Can I join the Army with a high school diploma?

In addition to being a United States citizen or permanent resident alien, you must have a high school diploma or GED to join the Army as an enlisted member. You must also meet height, weight and overall physical health standards. The minimum high school GPA allowed is 2.5.

What do you do in the military after high school?

The Army has the ROTC program, which offers tuition assistance for four years in exchange for service with the Army. Upon graduation, students earn the rank of Second Lieutenant, and are ready to begin their careers in the Army.

Can you finish high school in the Army?

The Army’s High School Completion Program (HSCP) is an off-duty program that provides soldiers and adult family members the opportunity to earn a high school diploma or equivalency certificate.

What percent of high school students join the military?

The percentage of high school dropouts enlisted in the Armed Forces was less than 1 percent. These data are from the BLS National Longitudinal Surveys.

Should I join the military for money?

On a purely financial basis, joining the military can be a huge boon if you properly leverage your benefits and experience. While I’d never advise someone to join the military solely for the financial benefit, it certainly doesn’t have to be a step back on the road to financial stability if you do it right.

Why do college graduates join the military?

One of the top reasons why so many college graduates decide to join the military is the loan repayment programs offered. If you already have a bachelor’s degree when you join the military, you may be able to get a large portion of your loans repaid.

Do military officers really need college degrees?

Military Officers Don’t Need College Degrees There are other ways for candidates to gain the skills they need.

Can I become a military officer without college?

Officer careers require a college degree. They offer great responsibility and personal satisfaction for those who decide to pursue them. These are the ways to become an officer. Service academies and senior military colleges offer a four-year higher education experience while fully immersing students in military culture.

Can I get my bachelor degree in the military?

Individuals who have completed a bachelor’s degree prior to enlisting get the chance to become a military officer after completion of Officer Candidate School or Officer Training School and basic training. Officers lead and supervise platoons of 15 to 40 service members, and they are essential to the structure and function of the military.