Is Punta Cana good for couples?

Is Punta Cana good for couples?

Punta Cana is a popular destination for couples’ getaways and honeymoons in the Dominican Republic. Unlimited sunshine, endless beaches and high-quality resorts are some of the main attractions, but there is much more you can experience when on a romantic holiday in Punta Cana.

What can adults do in Punta Cana?

Bavaro Beach. 20,407. Beaches. By Lamorenaza.

  • Macao Beach. 8,302. Beaches.
  • Dolphin Island. 3,278. Swim with Dolphins.
  • Hoyo Azul. 3,192. Bodies of Water.
  • Hard Rock Casino Punta Cana. 2,804. Casinos.
  • Palma Real Shopping Village. 1,872. Shopping Malls.
  • Juanillo Beach. 907. Beaches.
  • Reserva Ecológica Ojos Indígenas. 949. Nature & Wildlife Areas.
  • What can you not eat or drink in Punta Cana?

    Not eat raw meat and fish (ceviche). Although ceviche is a favorite gourmet dish of many tourists and residents of Punta Cana, it is important to make sure the exquisite dish is prepared of fresh raw meat or fish duly cured in citrus (lemon or lime) juice and spiced with chili peppers, salt, onion and other seasonings.

    What is there to do in Punta Cana for honeymoon?

    Things to do during your honeymoon in Punta Cana

    • 5- Party Boat & Punta Cana Snorkeling. That’s right!
    • 4- Adventure Buggies Punta Cana tour. This fun ride, crossing narrow trails through exotic landscapes is perfect for an adventurous group.
    • 3- Catalina Island tour.
    • 2- Reef Explorer.
    • 1- Luxury Sailing Punta Cana.

    What is there to do at night in Punta Cana?

    Punta Cana has the best nightlife in the Caribbean

    1. Coco Bongo. Many of the popular bars are in Downtown, Coco Bongo is one of the most famous establishments in the area.
    2. Kviar Show Disco & Casino.
    3. Jewel.
    4. Imagine Punta Cana.
    5. Pearl Beach Club.
    6. The Kan Drink House.
    7. Legacy Disco.
    8. Oro Nightclub.

    Is it safe to go off the resort in Punta Cana?

    Punta Cana is one of the safest vacation spots in the Caribbean, and tourists should feel comfortable traveling outside of the hotel zone. However, petty theft (especially of cell phones, according to some) does sometimes occur, so you should be careful when carrying valuables with you.

    Is Punta Cana a good honeymoon destination?

    Punta Cana is a classic honeymooners’ tropical destination with its palm-tree lined powdery soft white sands, crystal-clear turquoise waters and abundance of activity options from water sports to golf. Of course, there are plenty of opportunities for lounging around on the beach sipping fruity cocktails too.

    Is Punta Cana a good place for honeymoon?

    There is a good reason Punta Cana is rated as one of the top destinations among honeymooners. The resort town allows you to lavishly rest in the lap of luxury and at the same time takes you on an adrenaline-rushing adventure.