Where can I adopt an Italian Greyhound?

Where can I adopt an Italian Greyhound?

The easiest way to adopt an Italian Greyhound would be through a rescue that specializes in Italian Greyhounds. A great place to start would be by starting a breed search on Adopt-a-Pet.com. The search will show you all the available Italian Greyhounds in your area.

Can you adopt an Italian Greyhound?

A BIT ABOUT US” Adopt A Greyhound – NSW’s Most Amazing Dogs! Greyhounds As Pets is a not-for-profit initiative coordinated by Greyhound Racing NSW. Our adoption process will help match you to the best greyhound for you and your family.

How much do Italian Greyhounds cost?

Usually, the average price of an Italian Greyhound puppy from a reputable breeder is between $1,400 and $2,000, while a top-quality Italian Greyhound puppy can cost as high as $2,500. Their price depends upon the pup’s age, sex, quality, pedigree, and breeder’s location.

Do Italian greyhounds bark a lot?

Do Italian Greyhounds bark a lot? Italian Greyhounds are very protective of their human family and will bark if they sense potential danger or see someone they do not recognize. This bread will also bark to get your attention if they want some love and affection.

Is there an Italian Greyhound Rescue in New York?

The Italian Greyhound Rescue in New York City is proud to be a member of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals®, and a New Hope Partner with the Animal Care Centers of NYC. Our national organization (and local NY affilites) are also a registered rescue with the New York Department of Agriculture.

Is there a dog rescue on Long Island?

Boroughs & Beyond IGCA Rescue on Long Island supports the efforts of the LI Dog organization in opening up Long Island’s public parks and beaches to allow on-leash dogs throughout the communities of Long Island.

When did IG rescue start in New York?

IG Rescue in downstate NY began around 1998 in the NYC area, and the upstate group had started accepting and placing dogs even before then. In addition, many IGCA breeders had also been involved in rescue activities much prior to the formation of IGCA Rescue in New York.

Where can I adopt a senior IG dog?

If you are interested in adopting a senior IG, please contact your local rescue! Almost every purchase you make online for your home or office will benefit our rescue dogs, at no additional cost to you! Click on the image above, or visit the “Shopping” menu for more details.