Does Final Fantasy 13 2 have multiple endings?

Does Final Fantasy 13 2 have multiple endings?

A paradox ending. Paradox endings (パラドクスエンディング, Paradokusu Endingu?) are a series of multiple endings unique to Final Fantasy XIII-2. They are scenes which can be viewed by making certain choices at different stages of the game.

How do you beat Caius Lightning DLC?

Attack Caius with the Paladin class to set a decent chain for the Stagger Meter. Switch to the Shaman role and use Galestrike and Windstorm to work up the Stagger Meter. Once Caius is staggered, switch to Sorcerer and use Chaos to inflict status ailments. Hopefully, Caius will have a few ailments to hurt him.

Does Final Fantasy XIII have DLC?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC offers additional accessories, weapons and costumes for Serah Farron and Noel Kreiss, Coliseum battles where the opponents can become recruitable Paradigm Pack monsters, and playable scenarios.

Does ff13 2 have new game plus?

The game will also feature a New Game+ mode that allows gamers to play the story over again while keeping their inventory and stats. …

Does FF13 2 on Steam have the DLC?

– Steam News. FF XIII-2 PC WINDOWS release – 11th Dec 2014 – DLC included! Following up on the recent announcement regarding downloadable content from the original console version being included in the upcoming PC /Steam release, we are pleased to share that the following content will be included: Opponent: Omega.

What is the point of New Game Plus ff14?

New Game+ is a system that allows players to replay previously completed main scenario quests, including cutscenes, dialogue, and battles. It was introduced in Patch 5.1. At release, players will be able to tackle the Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers main scenario quests.

What carries over in NG+ FFXV?

TL/DR: Almost everything from the regular game transfers to New Game +. Everything but the upgraded Engine Blade, the Flying Regalia and hunter ranks. New Game +, in its current state, only resets the story and POIs. There is no Hard Mode.

How do you get the paradox scope in ff13 2?

You can get the Paradox Scope after beating the last boss. But be aware that battles will be much tougher. Each of these alternative endings require you to go close gates and re-do levels.