Is Kyle and Maci still together?

Is Kyle and Maci still together?

The couple has a long history between them. Maci and Taylor first started dating in 2012 when Taylor was living in Texas and Maci lived in her home state of Tennessee. She had just parted ways with her childhood friend Kyle King. After going through so much the Teen Mom alums, Maci and Taylor are still together.

Who has Maci from Teen Mom dated?

King and Bookout ended their relationship in 2012. Maci is now in a relationship with Taylor McKinney. They have one daughter, Jayde McKinney and son Maverick McKinney. They were married on October 8, 2016.

Is Maci still married 2020?

Despite rumors that the couple have had their ups and downs, Maci has not divorced Taylor nor has confirmed that the couple are separating. Fans have slammed Maci on social media for appearing to be “playing games with her marriage.” “The goal is to laugh forever with someone you take seriously,” Maci wrote.

Did Maci and Kyle buy a house?

The audience was shocked. Kyle seemed like a responsible man, doting boyfriend, and good father-figure to Bentley. They bought a house together! “I would have worked for it, and I feel like he just gave up,” she added.

When did Kyle cheat on Maci?

Teen Mom favorite Maci Bookout dropped a bombshell during part two of the finale special with Dr. Drew Pinsky on Sept. 11 when she said she and boyfriend Kyle King are not only broken up — he cheated!

Are Maci and Taylor?

Maci married Taylor in October 2016, after welcoming two children together in May 2015 (Jayde) and May 2016 (Maverick). The couple revealed they suffered a miscarriage, but have recently been looking into adoption as they continue expanding their fashion line called TTM Lifestyle.

Are Caitlyn and Ty still together 2020?

Yes, Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra are still happily married. After tying the knot and releasing a clothing line together, the couple faced a hitch in 2017 when they went through a miscarriage.

Does Kyle marry Maci?

Maci’s relationship with Kyle King In a lot of ways, Maci and Kyle were getting off to a good start. They even moved in together after just a year of being a couple. Maci is now married to Taylor McKinney and Kyle is married to a woman named Kendall Withrow, with whom he shares a child.