Do Russian Blues do well with other cats?

Do Russian Blues do well with other cats?

Russian blues are friendly, playful, family pets that can get along with other pets. These cats are trainable, known to like playing fetch. This breed is not predisposed to breed-linked health conditions and is generally long-lived.

What two breeds make a ragdoll cat?

What is a ragdoll cat a mix of? The Ragdoll cat line can be traced back to Josephine, a non-pedigreed, white, long-haired Persian/Angora cat, who was bred with several Birman or Burmese-esque cats. The litters they produced included docile, affectionate cats with the famous Ragdoll trait of going limp when picked up.

What is the rarest ragdoll color?

Chocolate point is the dilute of Bluepoint. Behold, the rarest color of them all. This is a Lilac point Ragdoll (Lilac point Colorpoint). Lilac point is a pink-ish beige color, and is the dilute of Chocolate point.

Can Russian Blues be left alone?

Russian Blues can be left alone for long periods of time as they are highly independent. Russian Blues have a thick double coat that needs to be brushed out weekly. This breed is prone to anxiety, so keeping them mostly indoors and away from loud noises is a good idea.

Do Russian Blue cats like being alone?

Russian Blue cats are curious but calm, affectionate but not clingy, and very smart. They can be shy at first, but they are playful and loving once they feel comfortable. While they are happy living with families and even other pets, Russian Blue cats tend to form a deep connection with only one person.

Do Russian Blue cats act like dogs?

When Russian blues feel confident and comfortable in their new homes, they become playful, loving pets. They typically get along with kids and other animals, including other cats and the family dog—and despite their affectionate nature, they are calm and not at all clingy.

Do Russian Blue cats meow a lot?

Much like her Siamese relative, the Russian blue is very vocal, and she’ll use her voice to communicate with her pet parents when she wants to play, eat, or snuggle.