What is Character Option change in CrossFire?

What is Character Option change in CrossFire?

Crossfire. The Character Option Guide system is a new feature for the JNS-Thalassa character that allows you to change a current effect available on your character. *For now, this feature is available for JNS-Thalassa.

Who are the characters in CrossFire?

Ivy. Isabel Vinca or “Ivy” for short was the mastermind behind a botanical weapon project.

  • FOX Elite. An elite squad of female soldiers.
  • Orchid Elite. Orchid is the codename given to agents who serve global intelligence agencies as undercover agents.
  • Masha Elite.
  • SAS Elite.
  • Ronin-Noble Gold.
  • STAR-Elite.
  • Maiden-Doppelganger.
  • What is CrossFire 2. 0?

    CrossFire 2.0 is the second major update after v1. The update includes various content and changes, while keeping the initial content untouched with few exceptions, like the main menus and default characters. This update has been released to all localized CrossFire servers!

    What is character enhancement in CrossFire?

    Overview. Like the name suggested, this system can upgrade some certain in-game characters (various between versions) that players can upgrade characters by customizing favored skills based on players’ needs. These skills are categorized as Normal Skills (colored blue) and Special Skills (colored gold).

    How do I manually fix CrossFire?

    How to Patch and Play the latest version of CrossFire PH Client

    1. DOWNLOAD the patch at Mediafire Manual Patch v1302 Link.
    2. After downloading, extract it to where your CrossFire client is located.
    3. After extracting, you can now launch by running ‘patcher_cf2.exe’

    How do I fix crossfire resolution?

    go to crossfire 2 launcher screen, check the “adjust to desctop resolution” option in settings menu of launcher… exit launcher…. adjust your screen resolution….launch game again…. play…

    How do I make Crossfire full screen on Windows 10?

    1. Go to the Options / Menu / Settings inside the game (not all games have this). Select Full-Screen On (or Off).

    What is ranking in CrossFire?

    Overview. Ranks of the players depend on how much experience they have earned in-game. Once they meet the requirements (earned enough EXP) of a specific Rank, they will earn the title of that Rank. The more EXP the players obtain, the higher their rank will be.

    How do you get CrossFire reputation?

    You will gain reputation points as you play games against other players. There are currently methods implemented that will prevent or reduce the reputation you gain if you attempt to farm AFK/lower skill level players. Instead, you will gain the most reputation points when facing other players of similar skill levels.