What is an example of Intel microarchitecture?

What is an example of Intel microarchitecture?

The first processors that used this architecture were code-named ‘Merom’, ‘Conroe’, and ‘Woodcrest’; Merom is for mobile computing, Conroe is for desktop systems, and Woodcrest is for servers and workstations….Intel Core (microarchitecture)

General information
Predecessor NetBurst Enhanced Pentium M (P6)
Successor Penryn (tick) Nehalem (tock)

What is microarchitecture of a processor?

A microarchitecture (sometimes written as “micro-architecture”) is the digital logic that allows an instruction set to be executed. The most basic processor will include a register file, an ALU, system memory, and a control unit that allows the processor to make decisions based on the instruction it’s executing.

What are examples of microarchitecture?

The microarchitecture is the very specific design of a microprocessor, while a chip’s architecture refers to the broader family of chips. For example, Intel’s x86 family is the architecture, while NetBurst, Nehalem, etc. are microarchitectures.

What’s the difference between ARM and Intel?

Under the hood, the main difference between an Intel and ARM-based CPU is the type of instruction that each device understands. ARM-based CPUs are RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) devices and Intel CPUs are CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computer) devices.

What can improve performance of the microarchitecture?

Microarchitectural changes are the most significant way of reducing the clock period of a circuit and increasing the performance. By allowing computation in parallel, duplicating logic increases the circuit throughput (calculations completed) per clock cycle, but increases the circuit area.

How does microarchitecture affect CPU performance?

Microarchitecture Considerations The overall microarchitecture of the processor can have a significant impact on the performance and ease of use for DSP applications. One large impact is the relative large cache sizes and clock speed of the processors.

Is microarchitecture a software?

A microarchitecture is a hardware implementation of an ISA (instruction set architecture). Software that is compiled for the x86-64 ISA can run on any microarchitecture designed to use the x86-64 instruction set. Multiple CPU models may be designed for a particular microarchitecture.