What are the combat arms MOS?

What are the combat arms MOS?

Combat Arms Branches

  • Infantry.
  • Air Defense Artillery.
  • Armor.
  • Aviation.
  • Corps of Engineers.
  • Field Artillery.
  • Special Forces.

How many combat arms MOS are there?

There are an array of enlisted jobs in the Army Army jobs can be divided into two basic categories: those that participate in combat missions and those that support the soldiers who are in combat roles. The Army has around 190 MOSs available for enlisted soldiers.

Is 12B a combat arms MOS?

Secondary Infantry Though Army Combat Engineers (12B) are most well known for engineering they also have combat skills. MOS 12B can support front-line infantry when necessary. Combat Engineers are trained soldiers that have the ability to operate firearms though they primarily specialize in explosives.

Is combat engineer a combat arms MOS?

The Corps of Engineers is a Combat Arms Branch which also has combat support and combat service support roles. On a tactical level, Combat Engineers are responsible for helping the movement of friendly troops (building bridges) and hindering the movement of enemy troops (blowing up bridges).

What is the most popular MOS in the Army?

10 Best Army Jobs 2021

  • #6: Technical Engineer (MOS 12T)
  • #5: Counterintelligence Agent (MOS 35L)
  • #4: Criminal Investigations Special Agent (MOS 31D)
  • #3: Satellite Communication Systems Operator-Maintainer (MOS 25S)
  • #2: Geospatial Intelligence Imagery Analyst (MOS 35G)
  • #1: Cyber Operations Specialist (MOS 17C)

What Army mos sees the most combat?

By far, the biggest branch of the military is the Army. They’re going to be involved in the majority of land-based operations, so the infantry often sees combat.

Is Ada a combat arm?

-What is ADA? Air Defense Artillery is a combat arms branch that protects military forces, international allies and geopolitical assets from aerial attack, missile attack, and surveillance.

Do army officers have MOS?

In addition, warrant officers have their own set of MOS codes, known as WOMOS codes. For instance, a 153A Warrant Officer MOS (WOMOS) is for a helicopter pilot, one of the most common Warrant Officer MOSs in the Army.

Can US Army change MOS?

In the Army changing your MOS or Military Occupations Specialty is also called reclassification. The ability to reclassify is most common when and where there is a shortage in a particular MOS. It allows soldiers to improve career development and be promoted while also helping the Army.

What is MOS (s) in the Army?

MOS Military Occupation Specialty The U S Army used alpha-numeric codes to identify a soldier’s Military Occupational Specialty. Basically, an “MOS” is the job in which the GI was stringently schooled and trained to perform. The MOS that a soldier was trained, tested and qualified in, was called the PMOS (primary MOS).

What does MOS mean is the Army?

Meaning; MOS: Military Occupational Specialty (US Army) MOS: Margin of Safety: MOS: Missions of State (US Navy)