Who is the Minister of Internal Security in Malawi?

Who is the Minister of Internal Security in Malawi?

Cecilia Chazama
Occupation Politician
Years active 2010 — present
Known for Politics
Title Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security in the Cabinet of Malawi

What are deputy ministers responsible for?

Deputy Ministers are the managers of the departments of government. Under their Ministers, they direct the administration of financial and human resources. They advise the Minister on policy issues and on reforms to administration.

Who is deputy minister of Defence?

Thabang Samson Phathakge Makwetla
Deputy Minister: Thabang Samson Phathakge Makwetla, Mr Private Bag X395, PRETORIA, 0001.

Who is the Minister of Malawi Defence force?

Malawian Defence Force
Headquarters Kamazu Barracks, Lilongwe
Commander-in-Chief and Minister of Defence Lazarus Chakwera
Commander of the Defence Force Vincent Nundwe

Who is the Minister of Transport and Public Works in Malawi?

Honourable Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo: Minister of Civic Education and National Unity. Honourable Rashid Abdul Gaffar. Minister of Mining. Honourable Nancy Chaola Mdooko, MP: Deputy Minister of Transport and Public Works.

Who is the deputy minister of Transport?

Sindisiwe Lydia Chikunga
Ms Sindisiwe Lydia Chikunga was appointed Deputy Minister of Transport on 5 August 2021.

What are the responsibilities of a deputy?

In law enforcement, a deputy is primarily in charge of conducting investigations on crimes and arresting criminals, performing regular patrols on streets, responding to calls of distress, and assisting citizens in calamities, disasters, accidents, or any forms of threat.

How are deputy ministers chosen?

Deputy Ministers are appointed by the Governor in Council on the recommendation of the Prime Minister to support a Minister in his or her individual and collective responsibilities. At the same time, Deputy Ministers are also accountable to the Prime Minister, through the Clerk of the Privy Council.

Who is the current deputy minister?


Current Government
Office(s) Officeholder
Eastern Region Kwakye Darfour Joseph Tetteh (MP) (Nkansah Sampson)
Greater Accra Regional Minister Ishmael Ashitey Elizabeth Kwatsoo Tetteh Sackey (Deputy minister)
Northern Region Salifu Saeed Solomon Namliit Boar (MP) (Deputy minister)

Who is the deputy minister of education?

Yaw Osei Adutwum

Yaw Osei Adutwum
Assumed office 7 January 2017
Preceded by Simon Osei-Mensah
Deputy Minister for Education

Is Malawi Army Strong?

Nearly 500,000 personnel serve on its active frontline force, far surpassing all its African counterparts. It has nearly 10,000 armored fighting vehicles, 60,000 logistical vehicles, 900 aircraft, and large oil reserves from which to draw.

Who is the Minister of Transport and Public Works?

The Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works is a department of the Government of the Western Cape….Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works.

Department overview
Minister responsible Bonginkosi Madikizela, Provincial Minister of Transport and Public Works