Does malaria cause depression?

Does malaria cause depression?

Malaria, as a debilitating physical illness, may predispose to depression, while depression may predispose to malaria by affecting immunity and by altering behaviour. Depression may hinder treatment and recovery from malaria, and vice versa.

How does malaria affect mental health?

Other psychiatric symptoms that have been described as sequelae to malaria infestation include irritability, violence, impaired memory, personality changes, anxiety and depression.

What are the symptoms of brain malaria?

In adults, cerebral malaria is part of a multiorgan disease. Patients develop fever, headache, body ache, and, progressively, delirium and coma. Compared with African children, seizures, papilledema, and retinal changes are less common and coma resolution is slower.

Does Quinine cause depression?

Although reports from the early twentieth century noted that quinine could have significant psychiatric effects [11], including causing depression, mania, irritability and personality change [110], and that these might not be distinguished from those attributed to disease [7], only relatively recently has it become …

Can you fully recover from cerebral malaria?

Because the patches of brain affected are small, with early treatment and rapid relief of obstruction, there is minimal tissue necrosis and early restoration of perfusion may explain the near complete recovery of gross neurological function in the majority of patients.

Does malaria affect brain?

In rare cases, malaria can affect the brain. This is known as cerebral malaria, which can cause your brain to swell, sometimes leading to permanent brain damage. It can also cause fits (seizures) or coma.

Which body part does malaria affect the most?

Beyond the brain, the lungs are the most affected organ in severe malaria. Lung dysfunction occurs in 20% of all cases of adults with falciparum [3] or vivax [27] severe malaria.

What are some of the symptoms of depression?

Common symptoms of depression. There are some common symptoms of depression anyone can experience, which can include being withdrawn, losing interest in friends and activities you used to enjoy, and difficulty concentrating on things. You feel down or irritated most of the day, nearly every day.

What are the signs and symptoms of malaria?

Common symptoms of malaria include: 1 shaking chills that can range from moderate to severe 2 high fever 3 profuse sweating 4 headache 5 nausea 6 vomiting 7 abdominal pain 8 diarrhea 9 anemia 10 muscle pain 11 convulsions 12 coma 13 bloody stools

What are some examples of complications associated with depression?

Examples of complications associated with depression include: Excess weight or obesity, which can lead to heart disease and diabetes Pain or physical illness Alcohol or drug misuse Anxiety, panic disorder or social phobia Family conflicts, relationship difficulties, and work or school problems Social isolation

What are the signs and symptoms of psychotic depression?

Some of the signs of psychotic depression include: Agitation. Extreme anxiety. Believing that one is ill despite evidence to the contrary. Problems with falling asleep. Intellectual impairment. Physical immobility.