What does DWES mean?

What does DWES mean?

The scheme operates in accordance with the Disability Worker Exclusion Scheme (DWES) Instruction, June 2020 (see ‘Related resources’). The DWES Instruction outlines the authority for the scheme and describes the obligations of disability service providers in relation to pre-employment screening and notifications.

What does the abbreviation CCA stand for?


Acronym Definition
CCA Court of Criminal Appeal
CCA Certified Crop Adviser
CCA Corrections Corporation of America
CCA California College of the Arts

What is PRB short for?


Acronym Definition
PRB Program Review Board (US DoD; Military Health System)
PRB Pseudo-Random Binary
PRB Performance Review Board
PRB Publications Review Board (US CIA)

What is a disability exclusion scheme?

The Disability Worker Exclusion Scheme (the Scheme) is designed to protect the safety and wellbeing of Victorians living with disability. The Scheme excludes people who pose a threat to the health, safety or welfare of people with disability from work as a disability worker in a disability service.

What is a disability exclusion list?

The DWES was introduced in 2014 to exclude persons who pose a threat to the health, safety or welfare of people with disabilities from work as a “disability worker” in a disability service. Excluded individuals are placed on the DWES List.

What is CCA in military?


What is CCA medical term?

Abbreviations: ; CCA, Common carotid artery; ECA, External carotid artery; ICA, Internal carotid artery; OA, Occipital artery.

What is the full form of PRV?

PRV Full Form

Full Form Category Term
Pressure Reduction Valve Space Science PRV
Prerov Airport Code PRV
Prove Maths PRV
Pearl River Valley Earth Science PRV

What is the full form of PRB?

PRB – Project Review Board.