Is InsideView GDPR compliant?

Is InsideView GDPR compliant?

A: InsideView is GDPR compliant in sourcing our business contact data and in processing personal data. Our customers must themselves adhere to laws and regulations that apply to their business and to their use of data that we provide.

What is InsideView data integrity?

InsideView Data Integrity is a customer data management solution that cleans, monitors, and enriches CRM data to drive revenue and operational effectiveness. InsideView Data Integrity keeps your CRM data clean, so you always have a consistent and unified view of your customers and prospects.

What does inside view do?

InsideView is the only B2B data provider to deliver the powerful combination of data, insights, and connections. We are more than a data provider; we are a technology platform that provides data and intelligence solutions to solve sales, marketing, and customer data management challenges.

Is Data Com GDPR compliant?

SMARTe is GDPR compliant in sourcing our business contact data and in processing personal data. Anytime our customers send marketing emails to their own customers, our data ensures that they adhere to digital marketing laws that apply in the particular data subject’s geographic locals.

How do I make sure my company is GDPR compliant?

11 things you must do now for GDPR compliance

  1. Raise awareness across your business.
  2. Audit all personal data.
  3. Update your privacy notice.
  4. Review your procedures supporting individuals’ rights.
  5. Review your procedures supporting subject access requests.
  6. Identify and document your legal basis for processing personal data.

What is Triblio?

Triblio Overview The Triblio Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Platform leverages AI and Bombora’s Intent data to help marketing and sales teams identify target accounts and orchestrate multi-channel campaigns at scale. The platform engages B2B buying groups through advertising, web personalization, and sales messaging.