What is the longest LCS game?

What is the longest LCS game?

Longest game: Jin Air vs SK Telecom T1 (LCK 2018 Spring, 94:40)

How long can a game of League last?

Summoner’s Rift matches can last from as little as 15 minutes to over an hour. Although the game does not enforce where players may go, conventions have arisen over the game’s lifetime: typically one player goes in the top lane, one in the middle lane, one in the jungle, and two in the bottom lane.

Who has played League of Legends the longest?

1. T1 Faker. The Unkillable Demon King, Faker is at the top once more as the player with the longest career in LoL. Unlike all the other players on this list, Faker is still active on his original team (or at least he still is at the time of writing this).

Who has the most Pentakills in LoL?

Samira, Master Yi and Katarina are the three champions with the highest amount of Pentakills. With 0.018 Pentakills per game Master Yi and Samira lead the charge, while Katarina follows with 0.015. Even in Diamond and above the numbers remain significant.

Who has the most kills in LoL?

The player who recorded the most solo kills at Worlds is Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. In 2013, Faker made his first Worlds solo kill against TSM’s mid laner Andy “Reginald” Dinh. He recorded his career-high of 12 solo kills in 17 games at Worlds 2013.

Who has the most kills in lol?

How old is Froggen?

27 years (February 21, 1994)

Which champion gets the most kills?

I really like this table, since it is basically ordered by ascending tankyness among these picks. Riven gets a lot of kills, but she also dies the most (of these champs)….Kills, deaths, and gold per minute in each lane.

Champion kills/min Games
Nidalee 0.243 5717
Shaco 0.231 5757
Pantheon 0.228 13040
Hecarim 0.218 6024