How is reactance calculated?

How is reactance calculated?

The formula for calculating the inductive reactance of a coil is: inductive reactance, or XL, is the product of 2 times p (pi), or 6.28, the frequency of the ac current, in hertz, and the inductance of the coil, in henries. XL =2p x f x L. L = the inductance value of the coil in henries.

What is reactance and its formula?

Inductive reactance, or XL, is a product of 2 times p (pi), or 6.28, frequency of the ac current in hertz, and the inductance of the coil, in henries. XL =2p x f x L. L= the inductance value of coil in henries.

What is the reactance of a capacitor in ac circuit?

Capacitive Reactance in a purely capacitive circuit is the opposition to current flow in AC circuits only. Like resistance, reactance is also measured in Ohm’s but is given the symbol X to distinguish it from a purely resistive value.

What is the formula of Resistance of capacitor?

The formula for calculating the Capacitive Reactance, or impedance of a capacitor is: Capacitive reactance, denoted as x sub c (XC), is equal to the constant one million (or 106) divided by the product of 2p ( or 6.28) times frequency times the capacitance . where: XC = Capacitive reactance measured in ohms.

What is XL formula?

The inductive reactance formula is: Inductive reactance(XL) : 2π f L. where f is the frequency of the alternating current measured in Hertz(hz) and L is the inductance measured in henry(h). It is proportional to the frequency of the current and hence inversely proportional to the Time.

What is the resistance of capacitor?

A capacitor has an infinite resistance (well, unless the voltage gets so high it breaks down). The simplest capacitor is made from two parallel plates with nothing but space in between – as you can guess from its electronic symbol.

What happens if XL XC?

1. If XL>Xc, then tan∅>0 in this case, the voltage leads the current, and the LCR circuit is said to be an inductive circuit. If XL =Xc, then tan ∅ = 0 and the current is in phase with the voltage, and the circuit is known as a resonant circuit.

How do I get XL and XC?

XL is called as inductive reactence and Xc is called as capacitive reactence. and the formulae[ XL = 2∏fL, XC = 1/2∏fC ] is given in that website. At resonance the reactence will be same for both cacitence and inductance.