Who caused the outbreak on Mother Base?

Who caused the outbreak on Mother Base?

A second deadly outbreak occurred on Mother Base as a result of Huey Emmerich mutating both the parasite and the Wolbachia with beta radiation.

What causes infection MGSV?

Close to halfway through The Phantom Pain, an outbreak will spread throughout Mother Base. That infection, as you’ll soon find out, is the Vocal Chord Parasite. The game keeps telling you to isolate the infected even though you’re not really told how to detect the symptoms.

Where is the Kikongo interpreter?

The Kikongo interpreter is being held as a prisoner inside the main shed at guard post #16. He is guarded by two guards along with six other guards around the post. Sneak up from the north past the CFA tents to remain unseen. Neutralize the two guards then grab and extract the interpreter.

Who is Eli mgs5?

Eli, the young version of Liquid Snake in Metal Gear Solid V, was voiced by Piers Stubbs, who also provided facial capture, while his motion capture was performed by Vincent Giry.

How did Quiet get the parasite?

For those of you who don’t know, Quiet who is infected with a version of the vocal cord parasite similar to the one that caused an epidemic at mother base. This strain lies in wait within the vocal cords and activates on and affects people who speak a specific language in particular. In Quiet’s case, it was English.

What happened Outer Heaven?

When Outer Heaven’s self-destruct sequence was subsequently activated, Venom Snake confronted Solid Snake, hoping to ensure both their deaths in the blast. However, he failed to achieve this, and died at Snake’s hands.

Where is the African interpreter mgs5?

The Afrikaans interpreter can be found chilling in a shed with two bodyguards (this is the same place where Side Ops #110 occurs) just southwest of Bampeve Plantation. Sneak up to the house from behind and neutralize the guard on the left side.