What is better Xbox or PS3?

What is better Xbox or PS3?

From a purely technical standpoint, the PlayStation 3 has more horsepower. The PS3’s Cell processor can perform more operations per second than the Xbox 360 CPU, even though both chips clock in at 3.2 gigahertz. The PlayStation 3 has Blu-ray player technology, allowing you to watch movies in Blu-ray format.

What sold more PS3 or Xbox?

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 sold a combined 173.22 million units lifetime. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are currently 7.24 million units away from surpassing the PS3 and X360.

Which has better quality Xbox or PlayStation?

While games generally look and play great on both systems, PS4 has the edge in terms of resolution. If getting the best possible crispness for most games is a priority, PS4 comes out on top. However, when it comes to the premium versions of both consoles, Xbox has an edge.

Who won Xbox 360 or PS3?

Nintendo’s console sold nearly 102 million units worldwide, despite being seen by many as a bit of a fad. The PS3 eventually outsold the Xbox 360 to claim second place, but the result was a bit too close for comfort.

Is Xbox 360 powerful?

the xbox has a tri core 3.2 at 1033mhz per core each core with 2 threads. thats about as powerful as a athlon x3 at 2 ghz probably. so the tech in a 360 is like 7 years old decent gaming computer.

What’s the most sold console ever?

The 10 Best-Selling Game Consoles Of All Time

  1. 1 PlayStation 2 – 157.68 Million Units.
  2. 2 PlayStation 4 – 115.4 Million Units (And Counting)
  3. 3 PlayStation – 104.25 Million Units.
  4. 4 Nintendo Wii – 101.53 Million Units.
  5. 5 PlayStation 3 – 86.90 Million Units.
  6. 6 Xbox 360 – 85.5 Million Units.

Which is better Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3?

PlayStation 3 vs. Xbox 360. Xbox 360 is known for its community experience and offers a friendlier environment for Windows, as it is tightly integrated with other Microsoft applications. Both are 7th generation gaming consoles and offer online gaming services, Play Station Network (PSN) and Xbox Live.

Which is better Xbox One X or PS4 Pro?

If your main concern when choosing between Sony and Microsoft is which console is the most powerful, then the Xbox One X is the machine for you. Additionally, if you’re not really interested in any of Sony’s exclusive titles, the Xbox One X is a better value than the PS4 Pro. Do the PS4 and Xbox One Support VR?

Which is the best game to play on PlayStation 4?

Sony’s console has fan-favorite games like: 1 Bloodborne. 2 Days Gone. 3 Death Stranding. 4 Final Fantasy VII Remake (upcoming) 5 God of War. 6 Horizon: Zero Dawn. 7 Judgment. 8 The Last of Us Remastered. 9 The Last of Us Part 2 (upcoming) 10 Persona 5.

How much does a PlayStation 3 Super Slim cost?

Sony PlayStation 3 Super Slim 250GB Product Price Sony Playstation 3 PS3 250GB Hard Drive $19.99 Sony PlayStation 3 250GB Console – Black $287.50 PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console $455.00