Is crossing a picket line bad?

Is crossing a picket line bad?

But crossing a picket line signals your support for the employer’s position in the dispute, reinforces the power of employers in general, and suggests that business will continue as usual regardless of how the employer deals with its employees.

What happens if you cross the picket line during a strike?

The Union constitution provides for fines and/or assessments to be levied against any union member that either crosses the picket line or refuses to take part in strike activities. Crossing the picket line or failure to participate in the strike will result in loss of union seniority.

Can I get fired if I go on strike?

It was illegal to sack someone for going on strike. There may be a right to strike in limited circumstances during bargaining, but in practice there is no right to strike, except for exceptional circumstances. The best way to stand up for workers’ rights is to join your union and change the rules.

What do you call someone who crosses a picket line?

A strikebreaker (sometimes called a scab, blackleg, or knobstick) is a person who works despite an ongoing strike. “Strikebreakers” may also refer to workers (union members or not) who cross picket lines to work.

Can anyone join a picket line?

Civil law and picketing You can lawfully join a picket line as long as the picketing is: connected to a trade dispute which you are involved in. carried out at or near your own workplace. carried out peacefully.

Do union workers get paid while on strike?

When a worker chooses to go on strike, that person is not entitled to a normal paycheck from their employer. However, many unions will have a strike fund that will help striking employees meet their basic financial needs.

Do I get paid if I strike?

You do not have to pay employees who are on strike. If workers take action short of a strike, and refuse to carry out part of their contractual work, this is called ‘partial performance’. if they do not fulfil the terms of their employment contract, you do not have to pay them.

Do you get paid for striking?

What do you do on a picket line?

Picketing is a form of protest in which people (called pickets or picketers) congregate outside a place of work or location where an event is taking place. Often, this is done in an attempt to dissuade others from going in (“crossing the picket line”), but it can also be done to draw public attention to a cause.