Who owns CyberCore technologies?

Who owns CyberCore technologies?

Moelis Capital Partners
CyberCore Technologies was acquired by Moelis Capital Partners on Jul 21, 2011 .

Who is CyberCore?

CyberCore Technologies, LLC operates as a provider of secure supply chain management and cyber solutions The Company provides lifecycle information technology (IT) solutions and mission services to ensure all end-user services are secure and trusted. CyberCore Technologies serves customers in the United States.

What is Cyber y2k?

Cyber y2k is a super fun and vibrant aesthetic. Cyber y2k is of course a mixture of cyber clothing and y2k clothing. Taking inspiration from early 2000s, streetwear, vaporwave, and cyberpunk. Colors like hot pink, metallics, neon green, and dark brown are all over this aesthetic.

What are cyber ghettos?

Cyberghetto is an aesthetic that intends to create a home on cyberspace for marginalized groups of people. The word is a compound of Cyber (referring to the internet and cyberspace) and Ghetto (generally used as a term to describe a group of marginalized individuals).

What is the cyber aesthetic?

Cybergoth is a subculture that derives from elements of goth, raver, rivethead and cyberpunk fashion. Opinion differs as to whether cybergoth has the requisite complexity to constitute a subculture, with some commentators suggesting that it is no more than a small aesthetic variation on cyberpunk or raver fashion.

What is Cyber Y2K style?

Y2K (also known as Kaybug) is an aesthetic that was prevalent in popular culture from roughly 1995 to 2004. Most Y2K aesthetics rely on the use of technology and slick futuristic looks, signaling the optimism of a new era as the 20th century/2nd millennium progressed into the 21st century/3rd millennium.

What is Alt black?

Re-entering society this year has brought about an assertive identity in young Black people who consider themselves “alternative,” abbreviated as “alt” for the modern digital era, as the subculture gains visual prominence across social media.

Who invented the alt style?

The origins of alternative rock can be traced back to The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967) by the Velvet Underground, which influenced many alternative rock bands that would come after it. Eccentric and quirky figures of the 1960s, such as Syd Barrett have influence on alternative rock in general.

What are the main aesthetics?

Mad Meaning

  • art hoe. This style is heavily based on one’s love for art and their connection to nature, with key items such as famous paintings and sunflowers.
  • baddie.
  • cottagecore.
  • dark academia.
  • light academia.
  • ethereal.
  • fairycore.
  • grunge.