What is 1000w ballast?

What is 1000w ballast?

1000w Ballasts are capable of illuminating up to 1.5m2. Specifications: Operates Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium bulbs. Runs 600w, 750w, 1000w bulbs at standard operation. Runs 15% cooler than other digital ballasts.

What is a Cali ballast?

Cali Ballast is a 1000 watt grow light ballast is a dimmable ballast, which allows you to reduce your output voltage from 100% to either 75% or 50%. This feature is great because you can run either a 1000 watt, 600 watt, or 400 watt lamp with this ballast with either a HPS or Metal Halide bulb.

Can you use a 1000w bulb with a 400W ballast?

For example, do not use a 400W HPS light bulb with a 1000W HPS ballast. This may fire up the lamp but could cause the lamp to explode or will reduce its life. Also you cannot run a metal halide bulb on a HPS ballast or vice versa. The only exception is that a 430W HPS bulb will run on a 400W HPS ballast.

How many amps does a 1000 watt ballast use?

nine amps
How Many Amps Do You Need When You Have a 1000 Watt Ballast? Generally, most standard outlets have a capacity of 15 amps. When you plug a 1000 watt ballast in your 110 volts power supply, it draws nine amps.

What does a grow light ballast do?

Grow light ballasts power high intensity grow bulbs and lamps by regulating the voltage to a high intensity discharge (HID) light or compact fluorescent light. Some ballasts power specific bulb types while others are “switchable,” capable of powering both HPS and MH bulbs.

Can you use a higher wattage ballast?

But using a ballast rated for higher wattage is not necessarily over-driving, IMO. Using a higher wattage ballast on the lower wattage bulb is overdriving by definition It has to do with how the ballasts work. They do not produce output according to what bulb is attached. Ballast output is the same, no matter the bulb.

How many watts does a 1000w ballast use?

1100 watts
The ballast requires watts too. System watts are the total watts the lamp and the ballast use together. The system watts for a 400 watt metal halide is about 458 watts depending on the ballast….What is the difference between lamp watts and system watts?

Metal Halide (MH) High Pressure Sodium (HPS) System Watts (approximate)
750w HPS 840 watts
1000w HPS 1100 watts

How many amps does a 1000 watt light?

9 amps
Electrical Safety for the Indoor Growrooms A 1000w HPS or Metal Halide light takes 9 amps at 120 volts so you can only run one on a wall outlet circuit.

How much does a 1000 watt light cost?

Grow Light Operating Cost

1000 watt Sodium 1000 watt Halide
Ballast Wattage 1100 1080
Cost per Month $52.80 $51.84
Initial Lumens 130000 110000
Mean Lumens 126000 88000

How can I tell if my ballast is bad?

If your fluorescent lighting is displaying any of the signs below, it could be a symptom of a bad ballast:

  1. Flickering.
  2. Buzzing.
  3. Delayed start.
  4. Low output.
  5. Inconsistent lighting levels.
  6. Switch to an electronic ballast, keep lamp.
  7. Switch to an electronic ballast, switch to a T8 fluorescent.

Which is the best grow light ballast on the market?

With it’s Smart Alert Technology that utilizes multiple status codes it really is a “smart” digital ballast. This device is ultra quiet, so you won’t have any problems with noise if you have your grow room inside the house. The Phantom II is one of the most energy-efficient ballasts on the market.

When to replace the vivosun 1000W digital ballast?

UPDATE the ballast quite working after 7 months of 12 on 12 off but vivosun handled it and honored there warranty. I decided to replace it with there 600w model because the 1000w was way more light than I needed for my space. It needed a good 2 feet from canopy to run the 1000w at 100%.

Which is better a 400W or a 600W ballast?

Unless you have a 8ft tall room you probably will be fine with the 600w ballast. A 600w single ended hps with a big reflector is more energy efficient than a 400w or 1000w light anyways. Broken contacted multiple time to get repair no response.

What kind of ballast is used in a solar panel?

The digital ballasts used in this test were the Solis Tek LCD Matrix 1000w Ballast, Lumatek Air Cooled (AC) 1000w Ballast, Lumatek Non-Air Cooled 1000w Ballast, Phantom 1000w Ballast by Hydrofarm, Quantum 1000w Ballast, Raider EP 1000w Ballast, Galaxy Select-A-Watt 1000w Ballast, Nano Xtreme 1000w Ballast, and the Lucius Maximus 1000w Ballast.