When was the Great Mosque of Cordoba built?

When was the Great Mosque of Cordoba built?

The Great Mosque of Cordoba. Known locally as Mezquita-Catedral, the Great Mosque of Cordoba is one of the oldest structures still standing from the time Muslims ruled Al-Andalus (Muslim Iberia including most of Spain, Portugal, and a small section of Southern France) in the late 8th century.

Is the Cordoba mosque a fast track ticket?

Embark upon a culturally enriching experience by visiting Spain’s stunning Cordoba-Cathedral Mosque. Beat daytime crowds and head right into the attraction with your fast-track tickets. Admire how this building brings together various elements of art, history, and culture.

What’s the difference between the mosques in Mecca and Cordoba?

From Cordoba, Mecca is to the east-southeast, but the Great Mosque of Cordoba is instead oriented more towards the south. This orientation, which doesn’t match that of modern mosques, is due to historical differences in opinion about the appropriate direction of the qibla in far western Islamic lands like al-Andalus and Morocco.

When do tickets go on sale for Mezquita Catedral de Cordoba?

Two tours per day 22:00 and 23:30. Last entry to the Monumental Site is half an hour before closing time and after this time no more tickets will be sold and there will be no access allowed. The opening days and times may be modified on an exceptional basis when special events are held. Please check our opening hours and availability tool .

Which is the best way to buy tickets for the Cordoba mosque?

When purchasing Cordoba Mosque tickets, the best option is to book them in advance online to ensure you get the time slot of your choosing. The best ticket option is the guided Cordoba Mosque tour. As part of this your, you will be accompanied by a guide who will give you insight into the history and significance of this monument.

Are there orange trees in the courtyard of the mosque of Cordoba?

Orange trees still stand in the courtyard of the Mosque of Córdoba, a beautiful, if bittersweet reminder of the Umayyad exile. The building itself was expanded over two hundred years.

What does the Mezquita in Cordoba stand for?

The Mezquita (Spanish for “Mosque”) of Cordoba symbolizes the many religious changes Cordoba has undergone over the centuries.