How many municipalities are there in Sharjah?

How many municipalities are there in Sharjah?

9 municipalities
Emirate of Sharjah

Sharjah إِمَارَة ٱلشَّارِقَة Imārat al-Shāriqah
Boroughs show 9 municipalities
• Type Absolute Monarchy
• Ruler Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi

What is Sharjah Municipality?

Sharjah-Municipality-History Founded in 1927, Sharjah city municipality (SM) is one of the oldest municipalities in the UAE. SM executes many public projects in the Emirate of Sharjah every year, and it has a great role in boosting the economy, society, public health, environment and many other fields in the emirate.

How do I renew my tenancy agreement in Sharjah?

Al Suwaidi indicated that the customer can download the lease contract from the municipality’s website and then complete the necessary procedures for renewal or certification in electronic form or through service centres or the rental regulation department in its various branches.

What is the work done by Sharjah Municipality?

The Sharjah Municipality and its counterparts in the other emirates are responsible for various functions including housing, transport, sanitation and more.

How do I call Sharjah Municipality?

In the event of complaint during non-office hours please call the municipality hotline at 993.

Where can I pay Sharjah Municipality fine?

You can pay your parking fine in Sharjah at: Sharjah City Municipality headquarters in Al Manakh Area. Public Parking Department Building in Industrial Area 5. Sharjah City Municipality Center in Al Khalideya Area.

How do I get a tenancy agreement in Sharjah?

Requirements for Tenancy Contract Attestation in UAE

  1. Tenant’s passport copy.
  2. Original emirates ID.
  3. Tenant’s Visa copy.
  4. Original copy of the tenancy contract with signatures of the tenant and landlord.

What is municipality fee in Sharjah?

4% of annual rent value (min. Dhs500).