What is SubAssistant app?

What is SubAssistant app?

With SubAssistant, you can free yourself from continually checking online or waiting for a phone call! Unlike Jobulator and the Frontline Education app, a smartphone is not required to use SubAssistant. Because of this, your phone isn’t constantly checking for jobs, draining battery and depleting your data allowance.

What is the app for substitute teacher?

Jobulator is the only official Frontline Absence Management companion app, and it’s been designed to give you a graceful, easy-to-use system to get instant job notifications on the go.

What is the best substitute teacher app?

Substitute Teacher Job Apps

  • Jobulator. Jobulator is the simpler app of the three that I tested. The process for setting up an account is fairly easy.
  • SubstituteAlert. SubstituteAlert was the second app that I signed up for the free trial service.
  • SubAssistant. The third and final app that I analyzed was SubAssistant.

Which is better sub alert vs Jobulator?

Jobulator will wear out your batter since the app continuously checks the server for new assignments. Substitute alert takes almost no battery power because the substitutealert server checks for jobs, then sends you the message on the app…

How much is the Jobulator app?

How much does Jobulator cost? After the no-obligation free trial, you’ll have the option to subscribe to the Jobulator service for a $49.99 annual subscription fee (that’s less than a weekly dose of coffee during the average school year!) or just $5.99 a month!

Is the Jobulator app free?

Jobulator is the official companion to Aesop, created and supported by Frontline Technologies, the makers of Aesop. The mobile app is free with your Jobulator subscription. Jobulator Mobile is not intended to be a competitive advantage in getting jobs, nor does it increase the number of available jobs for the user.

Is SubAlert app free?

Like all substitute services like this, it costs money to use their service, but the app to download onto your phone or tablet is free.

Can I see my sub rating on Aesop?

A: Subs are not able to see their own credentials / expirations via Aesop, but they are visible to you in Workday under the Personal Information worklet. Aesop will send you a reminder email 90 days before your expiration date.

Is Streamlabs faster than OBS?

The Bottom-Line Overall, we’re huge fans of both software programs but definitely think Streamlabs OBS offers a lot more functionality, has a higher performance value and is overall a better user experience.