How do I concatenate in Access VBA?

How do I concatenate in Access VBA?

To do this, open your query in design mode. Enter your field names in the query window separated by the & symbol. This query will return the concatenation of the FirstName field , a space character, and the [LastName] field. The results will be displayed in a column called Expr1.

Does concatenate work in VBA?

We cannot use concatenate() in VBA coding as it will not work. So, there are no functions available in VBA and cannot access the worksheet functions too, then how we will concatenate two or more strings in VBA.

How do I concatenate two variables in VBA?

Steps to use VBA to Concatenate

  1. First, enter the first string using the double quotation marks.
  2. After that, type an ampersand.
  3. Next, enter the second text using the double quotation marks.
  4. In the end, assign that value to a cell, variable, or use a message box to see it.

What is a grouping field?

The GROUP FIELD statement allows you to combine some of the best features of a GROUP with those of a FIELD. This allows you to display an expandable group in the Decode Pane with a value on the entry. A GROUP FIELD statement is composed of a FIELD statement with the keyword GROUP on the front.

How to use the concatenate function in access?

How to use the function. 1 In Access, open the code window (e.g. press Ctrl+G.) 2 On the Insert menu, click Module. Access opens a new module window. 3 Paste in the function below. 4 On the Debug menu, click Compile, to ensure Access understands it.

How to add VBA function to Jet SQL?

For example if one company has many orders, and you want to list the order dates like this: JET SQL does not provide an easy way to do this. A VBA function call is the simplest solution. Add the function to your database: In Access, open the code window (e.g. press Ctrl+G.) On the Insert menu, click Module.

How to generate a concatenated string from related records?

Public Function ConcatRelated (strField As String, _ strTable As String, _ Optional strWhere As String, _ Optional strOrderBy As String, _ Optional strSeparator = “, “) As Variant On Error GoTo Err_Handler ‘Purpose: Generate a concatenated string of related records. ‘Return: String variant, or Null if no matches.

Where do you put square brackets in concatrelated?

Inside the brackets for ConcatRelated (), place this information: First is the name of the field to look in. Include square brackets if the field contains non-alphanumeric characters such as a space, e.g. ” [Order Date]” Second is the name of the table or query to look in.