What is FinePrint software?

What is FinePrint software?

By FinePrint Software. FinePrint saves you money on paper and toner, weight in your briefcase, and time and hassle in managing your print jobs. With FinePrint working for you, annoying printing problems disappear.

How do I add pdfFactory to my printer?

Using pdfFactory Step 1: Select the Print menu item in the File menu in your application. Select the pdfFactory driver when the Print dialog box appears. Click PRINT. Step 2: Wait for the pdfFactory preview window to appear as shown below.

What is pdfFactory?

PdfFactory Pro lets you create PDF documents from any printing-capable application on Windows thanks to a virtual printer.

Can you print a PDF without opening it?

When you want to print a document without opening it, simply drag the document file to the correct printer icon on your desktop. You can drag multiple files simultaneously and they will print, but not in any particular order. Next week’s tip will explain how to set up a drag and drop PDF creator.

How do you use FinePrint?

Step 1: Select the FinePrint driver from the Print dialog box of your application and click Print. Wait for the preview window to appear as in Step 2. Step 2: Set your layout options in the preview window and click the Print button on the left side of the toolbar.

Why do companies use fine print?

The fine print provides additional and applicable information that is important to understanding the entire contract or information provided. The information in the fine print may be required by law or may be recommended by a company’s legal department.

What does a fine print contain?

The “fine print” is a term that refers to contract terms and conditions, disclosures, or other important information that is not included in the main body of a document but placed in footnotes or a supplemental document. Reading and understanding the fine print is essential when entering into an agreement.

Is pdfFactory Pro free?

pdfFactory Pro – Free download and software reviews – CNET Download.

Can I batch print PDF files?

To batch print, drop every file into a single folder. Something like PDF Batch Print 1 is just fine. You can use the date as well if batch printing is a regular process. After every file is grouped into a single folder, you have isolated the print task into one, easy access space.

What is the fine print called?