What is the second step program for schools?

What is the second step program for schools?

Second Step programs are research-based, teacher-informed, and classroom-tested to promote the social-emotional development, safety, and well-being of children from Early Learning through Grade 8.

What is Second Step elementary?

A leading SEL elementary school curriculum, Second Step® Elementary is research-based and easy to teach, adapt, and scale. The program now offers two options: our trusted print-based classroom kits supplemented by online resources, and the new web-based and teacher-facilitated digital program.

What is a second step program?

Second Step is a social-emotional learning program that teaches various social and emotional skills such as emotion recognition and management, empathy, problem solving, bullying prevention, and goal-setting.

What are second step strategies?

Second Step Strategies

  • Say the problem. Without blame.
  • Think of solutions. Safe and respectful.
  • Explore Consequences. What would happen if…
  • Pick the best solution. Make your plan.
  • Stop. Use your signal.
  • Name. Your feeling.
  • Calm Down. Breathe, count, use positive self-talk.

How long is a second step lesson?

Lessons are taught once a week and take 30–35 minutes, followed by 5- to 10-minute daily activities—all with little to no prep time.

Is Second Step free?

We’re dedicated to supporting the social-emotional skills and well-being of children and the adults in their lives. Available year-round, these free resources are more relevant now than ever.

What comes in a second step kit?

Each Second Step Early Learning classroom kit includes:

  • 28 durable 11″ x 17″ color photo Weekly Theme cards.
  • 5 Unit Cards for teachers.
  • 1 Join In and Sing music CD.
  • 3 colorful classroom posters.
  • 1 set of Listening Rules Cards.
  • 1 set of Feelings Cards.
  • 2 puppets—Boy and Girl.
  • Teaching Materials Notebook that contains:

Is Second Step evidence based?

A Foundation for Life Our Second Step® Elementary classroom kits offer an evidence-based approach to social-emotional learning (SEL), with age-appropriate lessons that are easy to teach and fun to learn.

Why is second step important?

Second Step® Early Learning Is Shown to Significantly Increase Executive Function, Which Leads to Kindergarten Readiness. Executive function, a set of foundational cognitive skills, is strongly linked to young students’ kindergarten readiness and academic success.