Are greenhoe trombones good?

Are greenhoe trombones good?

Greenhoe Trombones represent a return to a classic sound. With the integration into Schilke Music Products, the leader in high quality brass manufacturing for 60 years, Greenhoe trombones will continue to achieve the highest standards for excellence.

Are Bach trombones good?

This instrument is known to be durable and suited for all types of music. The only disadvantage to a Bach trombone is its price tag. These trombones are on the pricey side compared to their competitors. However Bach specializes in brass instruments and you can rest assured that the quality and sound is unrivaled.

What is the rarest trombone?

  • HAAG Switzerland Bass Trombone. Price: $11,660.00.
  • Miraphone MI57F Contrabass Trombone. Price: $9,849.00.
  • Markus Leuchter Contrabass Trombone in F.
  • Minick Contrabass Trombone in BBb.
  • Getzen Trombone (3062AFR)
  • Custom Bach New York 50B with Plugin Valve.
  • Conn 62 Series Bass Trombone.
  • daCarbo F-Attachment Trombone.

What are the parts of a trombone?

What Are the Different Parts of the Trombone?

  • The Bell. Since the bell is the largest part of the trombone, even those who aren’t familiar with the instrument can probably point out the bell.
  • The Bumper.
  • The Counterweight.
  • The Mouthpiece.
  • The Tuning Slides.
  • The Valve Slides.
  • The Water Key.

What are the 3 main parts of a trombone?

Overall, there are three main sections of the trombone: the slide, the bell, and the mouthpiece. In addition, each section can be broken down into different features. For example, the bell features a tuning slide and multiple bell braces.

What does the F trigger do on a trombone?

The F-attachment on the trombone has two main purposes: It provides alternate slide positions for some notes. It provides a few lower notes. (It can also allow certain trills, but this is an advanced concept).

Is it possible to repair a Greenhoe trombone?

We strive to design and create the finest trombones for the most accomplished musicians in the world. Greenhoe Music Products is available for select repair and overhaul work on Greenhoe instruments ONLY. We would be happy to provide an approximate quote for our repair services but we will need to see the instrument before providing a final quote.

Where are the MINIBALL joints on a Bach trombone?

Short threaded rod that connects the two miniball joints (items 076080) on the 2nd valve trigger of Bach bass trombones. For use on Bach bass trombones with factory miniball linkages.

What’s the replacement finger spatula for a Bach trombone?

For use on Bach bass trombones with factory miniball linkages. For use on the 2nd trigger only. For the first trigger, use item 096906. -cdp This part is a replacement for the sliding finger spatula used on the second valve of Bach double rotary valve bass trombones.

What kind of trigger does a Bach trombone have?

Contains parts to convert your Bach trombone’s old clanky ring-and-ball linkage to a modern miniball system. Fits F triggers on 36B, 42B and 45B tenors, as well as 50B single valve basses (original factory closed/standard wrap instruments only).