Is it hard to get a bronze medallion?

Is it hard to get a bronze medallion?

To qualify to do the Bronze Medallion you must be able to swim 400m under 9 minutes (or 8:45 at Bronte Surf Club). For some people, this can be challenging, especially if you have not been swimming regularly or if you are a self-taught swimmer.

How do you train for bronze medallion?

To commence training for the Bronze Medallion you must: Complete an unaided swim of 400 m in 9 minutes or less (goggles and masks permitted) in a swimming pool of not less than 25 m, or over a measured open water course which will be observed prior to you undertaking any water training or assessment activities.

How do I become a lifeguard in Singapore?

To become a certified lifeguard, a participant needs to enrol for a foundation Lifesaving 123 courses; followed by Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Bronze Medallion courses.

What is the bronze medallion course?

The Bronze Medallion course enhances your personal survival skills while providing you with the knowledge and skills to develop the level of judgement, technique and physical ability required to safely carry out water rescues.

How much does bronze medallion cost?

The cost for the Bronze Medallion course is $220 which includes a 1-year membership to Dee Why SLSC, along with all your training and course materials.

What are the Four A’s in any rescue?

Royal Life Saving encourages people who find themselves in a rescue situation to follow the 4 As of rescue:

  • Awareness. Recognise an emergency and accept responsibility.
  • Assessment. Make an informed judgement.
  • Action. Develop a plan and affect the rescue.
  • Aftercare. Give aid until medical help arrives.

How do I get a SwimSafer certificate?

Click ‘Download Certificate’ to preview. Click the ‘arrow down’ icon at the top right corner to download your child’s SwimSafer Certificate. Click ‘ Sign up with Email / Mobile ‘ under new user. You will fill up your particulars to give consent, then click ‘SIGN UP’.

How long does Bronze Medallion take?

Gain your Surf Life Saving Bronze Medallion, a worldwide recognised qualification in a 4 day intensive course. This is the ultimate course for those wishing to become a Surf Lifesaver.

How long does bronze medallion take?

What does a bronze medallion mean in Singapore?

Bronze Medallion is certified under Singapore Lifesaving Society and is one of the mandatory qualifications needed to work as a lifeguard in Singapore. The course focuses on the rescue fitness of learners and builds on the knowledge previously acquired under Lifesaving 1, 2 and 3.

When do you get a bronze medallion from the Lifesaving Society?

The Lifesaving Society deems its certifications to be “current” for 24 months from the certification date. Candidate recognition: Bronze Medallion medal, Bronze Medallion Award crest, certification card. Required reference material: Canadian Lifesaving Manual. Bronze Medallion Workbook recommended.

What are the components of a bronze medallion?

Judgment, knowledge, skill, and fitness – the four components of water rescue – form the basis of Bronze Medallion training. Candidates acquire the assessment and problem-solving skills needed to make good decisions in, on, and around the water.

Can a bronze medallion holder be a lifeguard in Singapore?

Upon completion of Bronze Medallion and CPR, Bronze Medallion holders can apply to be a lifeguard in any swimming pool in Singapore subjected to their in-house rules.