Is there Dangote cement in Ghana?

Is there Dangote cement in Ghana?

Ghana Operations Dangote Cement has operated in Ghana since 2011, importing and bagging bulk cement at its terminal in Tema and selling into the domestic market.

How much is Dangote cement in Ghana?

Dangote’s Group Executive Director, Strategy, Portfolio Development & Capital Projects, Devakumar Edwin revealed that, while a bag of Cement sells for an equivalent of $5.1, including VAT in Nigeria, it sells for $7.2 in Ghana and $5.95 in Zambia ex-factory, inclusive of all taxes.

How much is 50Kg Dangote cement in Ghana?

Dangote Cement The cement is shipped from Nigeria and bagged in Ghana at the company’s terminal in Tema. Dangote Cement has only one variety of cement in the market. A 50kg of this particular cement goes for GHC35. 55 factory level price.

Where is Dangote cement in Ghana?

Dangote Cement Plc-Ghana

Address: Jubilee Terminal, Harbour Area
City: Tema
Region: Greater Accra
Mobile: 024 6130155

How much does cement cost in Ghana?

Price list

Below is the price list of cement at factory levels Effective: 28th July, 2021: (GHC)
Price per 50Kg bag (Ghacem Super Rapid 32.5R) 45.218 44.918
Price per 50Kg bag (Ghacem Super Strong 42.5R) 47.080 46.782
Price per 50Kg bag (Ghacem Extra 42.5N) 48.033 47.651
Price per 50kg bag (Ghacem Super Cool 32.5N) 43.203

Who owns Ghana cement?

Heidelbergcement is now the majority owners with 93.1%, Ghana government with 5% and the late Dr. J. A. Addison with 1.9% shares respectively. Ghacem has since inception produced more than 30 million tons of cement.

How much is a bag of cement in Ghana 2021?

How much is one bag of cement now?

How much is a bag of cement in Nigeria? As of present, the retail price of cement in Nigeria is ₦3,600 — ₦3,900 per bag, depending on brand, location, and other factors. And the wholesale price (600 bags) is ₦2,100,000 to ₦2,350,000, depending on the manufacturer.

How much does a bag of cement cost in Ghana 2021?

How much does dzata cement cost in Ghana?

Most people have called for the support of Dzata cement irrespective of individual political affiliations. Ghacem and Dangote Cement brands are being sold at GHC50 (US$8.68) per bag while Diamond Cement and other brands are currently around GHC48 ($8.33) per bag, up from GHS47 ($8.15) and GHS45 ($7.81), respectively.

How much is cement in Ghana now?

Is cement made in Ghana?

Overall, Ghana has cement production capacity of more than 7.4m tpa, according to official figures. This exceeds domestic demand, which stood at around 5m tonnes in 2017; however, the growth of the construction sector has led to increases in consumption, which is benefitting local suppliers.