How do you make a 3 paper airplane?

How do you make a 3 paper airplane?


  1. Fold a piece of paper in half lengthwise.
  2. Fold the top two corners down.
  3. Fold the top corners to the center crease.
  4. Fold the paper in half in a mountain fold.
  5. Fold the wings down.
  6. Fold the wings down again.
  7. Fan out the wings.
  8. Throw your paper airplane.

How do you fold a paper airplane?

How to Fold a Paper Airplane

  1. Fold a sheet of paper in half.
  2. Fold the top corners toward the center.
  3. Fold the corners down.
  4. Next, fold the top corners to the center so that the corners meet above the fold in the tip.
  5. Fold the tip up.
  6. Fold the entire plane in half so the tip is on the outside.

How do you make a cool paper jet?


  1. Fold the paper in half to get a nice crease in it.
  2. Fold 2 triangles in it from the middle of the paper.
  3. From the bottom fold smaller triangles on both sides of the paper.
  4. Fold up from the bottom the extra paper.
  5. Fold upwards to make a diamond.
  6. Flip the paper around and fold 2 of the points inwards.

What is The World Record Paper Airplane?

69.14 meters
The farthest flight by a paper aircraft is 69.14 meters (226 feet 10 inches), achieved by Joe Ayoob and aircraft designer John M. Collins (both USA), at McClellan Air Force Base, in North Highlands, California, USA on 26 February 2012. The plane was constructed from a single sheet of uncut A4 paper.

What type of paper plane stays in flight the longest?

Longest Flight Time Paper Planes

  • The Albatross Paper Glider. With its heavy nose and extra vertical stabilizers, this all purpose glider can float or be made to do acrobatics.
  • The Kingfisher Paper Airplane.
  • The Sea Gull Paper Plane.
  • The Pelican Paper Plane.
  • The Typhoon Paper Glider.