How do you get tickets for Question Time?

How do you get tickets for Question Time?

Tickets can only be booked via a Member’s Office. Members of the public cannot book tickets themselves. Question Time takes place from Mondays to Thursdays (2.30pm on Mondays, 11.30am on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, followed by Prime Minister’s Questions, and at 9.30am on Thursdays).

How do I send a question to Gardeners Question Time?

Send us an email now to [email protected] The personal information you provide will be collected and processed by Somethin’ Else, the independent production company which makes Gardeners’ Question Time for the BBC. Somethin’ Else will process your data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

What happened to Question Time extra time?

Question Time Extra replaced Following his move to mid-morning, Chiles’ Question Time Extra Time show will be replaced by a new programme, hosted by Colin Murray.

Is Question Time Live filmed?

Question Time is usually recorded “as-live”, and in a single-take, shortly before transmission. The programme is only edited on “very rare” occasions for legal or taste reasons, or because it over-runs.

What is PM Question Time?

Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs, officially known as Questions to the Prime Minister, while colloquially known as Prime Minister’s Question Time) is a constitutional convention in the United Kingdom, currently held as a single session every Wednesday at noon when the House of Commons is sitting, during which the Prime …

How long is PM Question Time?

Question time is 45 minutes long and questions are limited to the leaders of parliamentary caucuses (which must consist of at least ten members of either house).

Who is Gardeners Question Time?

Panellists. Panellists include Matthew Wilson, Chris Beardshaw, Matthew Biggs, Bob Flowerdew, Pippa Greenwood, Bunny Guinness, Anne Swithinbank, James Wong and Christine Walkden.

How do I contact gardeners world?

Contacting the magazine team

  1. Editorial queries: [email protected].
  2. Q&A questions: q&[email protected].
  3. Letters page: [email protected].

Where can I hear Question Time?

BBC Radio 5 Live
Question Time is the BBC’s flagship political debate programme chaired by Fiona Bruce. Each week our audience put their questions to a panel of guests from the worlds of politics and media. Watch on BBC One and listen on BBC Radio 5 Live on Thursdays at 10.35pm.

What has happened to Adrian Chiles?

His journalistic training and love of football resulted in his presenting business programmes such as Working Lunch and The Money Programme as well as sports programmes like Match of the Day 2. He currently works for BBC Radio 5 Live.

What is the point of question time?

In Question Time members of parliament ask the government to explain its actions and decisions.