Who is Will Claye married to?

Who is Will Claye married to?

Queen Claye (2018–)
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Queen placed fourth in the 100 meter hurdles in 12.57 at the 2016 United States Olympic Trials (track and field) on July 8. Queen married fellow US athlete Will Claye in October 2018. Claye proposed immediately after winning the silver medal in the triple jump at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Where is Will Claye from?

Tucson, Arizona, United States
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How old is Will Claye?

30 years (June 13, 1991)
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Will Claye (born June 13, 1991) is an American track and field athlete of Sierra Leonean descent who competes in the long jump and triple jump. He won a bronze medal in 2011 World Championships in Athletics and the gold medals at the 2012 IAAF World Indoor Championships and 2018 IAAF World Indoor Championships.

Where does Will Claye live?

Hometown: Phoenix, Ariz. Personal: Son of William Claye and Saffie Tunis… Has two siblings, Taiyou and James…

Is Queen Harrison in the Olympics?

Harrison-Claye was known as Queen Harrison when she competed in the 400 hurdles at the 2008 Beijing Olympics as a 19-year-old rising Tech junior. The three-time NCAA champ took fourth in the 100 hurdles at the 2016 trials, just missing out on another Olympic berth.

How old is Queen Harrison Claye?

33 years (September 10, 1988)
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What is the world record for triple jump?

18.29 m
The current male world record holder is Jonathan Edwards of the United Kingdom, with a jump of 18.29 m (60 ft 0 in). The current female world record holder is Yulimar Rojas of Venezuela, with a jump of 15.67 m ( 51 ft 43⁄4 in).

How tall is Will Claye?

1.8 m
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What does Claye mean?

noun In fortification, a wattle or hurdle made with stakes interwoven with osiers, to cover lodgments.

How tall is Queen Harrison?

1.7 m
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Why does triple jump exist?

The origins of the triple jump are obscure, but it may be related to the ancient children’s game hopscotch. It has been a modern Olympic event since the first Games in 1896; at those Games two hops were used, but one hop was used at the Olympics thereafter. Triple jump, front and side views.

Who holds the current world record for triple jump?

Jonathan Edwards
The current male world record holder is Jonathan Edwards of the United Kingdom, with a jump of 18.29 m (60 ft 0 in)….Triple jump.

Athletics Triple jump
World Championship records
Men Jonathan Edwards 18.29 m (60 ft 0 in) (1995)
Women Inessa Kravets 15.50 m (50 ft 10 in) (1995)