How old is my pitco fryer?

How old is my pitco fryer?

The production year code is two numbers that signify the year the fryer was manufactured. For example, if a Pitco fryer was built in 2011, the production year code in the serial number is “11.” This number appears after the fryer model code and before the production month code.

Are pitco fryers good?

Pitco was voted Best in Class by Dealers, Operators, and Overall for their Freestanding Floor Fryers in 2017. And for good reason! Pitco fryers are available in a wide variety of sizes with premium features such as fully automated filtration, SmartOil Sense, and InfinityTouch.

How do you reset a pitco fryer?

To reset this limit switch, first, you should turn off the appliance. Allow the fryer some time to cool down to room temperature. Now, press the self-cleaning burner system (SCBS) high limit reset button. This button is located behind the front panel at the top of the main burners.

How much is a Henny Penny Fryer?

Please call 1-800-589-4171 between 8:00-6:00 ET. Henny Penny HHC900. 0 HHC-900 13-Pan Full… Free Shipping Available by Phone Only….Specifications.

Certifications UL
Features Built In Filtration System
Specials Made in USA Free Shipping
Type Pressure Fryer Fryers Floor Model

Who owns pitco fryers?

the Middleby Corporation
The firm stepped up its exports decisively in the 1970s. By the time Blodgett Co. acquired Pitco in 1981, the parent corporation had grown its international resources tremendously. Today, Pitco is part of the Middleby Corporation, giving the brand broader visibility in international markets.

Where is the reset button on the fryer?

Reset Button It usually is at the backside of the fryer and it’s a small one. Push the button with a needle or a tip of a pencil for a while and now the fryer should be reset.

How do you adjust the temperature on a pitco fryer?

Step 5—Setting the Temperature: Press the “P” button. The display will show the pre-set temperature. Use the Left Basket Timer button (basket with up arrows) and Right Basket Timer button (basket with down arrows) to change the temperature. Save and exit programming by pressing and holding the “P” key for 5 seconds.