What is a dual key concept?

What is a dual key concept?

What Is The Dual Key Concept? Put simply, a dual key condo combines two units under one title. The idea behind it is that you have two separate units, each with its own individual bedroom and ensuite bathroom for privacy. There are common areas like the main entrance, kitchen, and living area which is for sharing.

Is dual key condo a good investment?

Investors are always looking out for a development with good rental so that they can cover as much of the monthly mortgage as possible, or as passive income for themselves. This makes dual key units a good option as you can get a higher rental yield as compared to a normal unit.

Why have a dual key concept?

The dual-key concept lets people enjoy their privacy, freedom, and independence that comes with having your own space and at the same time, experience the comfort and security from family who is just a door away. With these individual spaces, the dwellers can design the unit to fit their own style and lifestyle.

What is dual key HDB?

Dual key units are essentially separate living spaces so there is no need to cross over to the other unit to share amenities. Some units might share a lounge or kitchen, though. It is often beneficial for large or different families who wish to live together but still retain a certain level of privacy.

Are dual keys more expensive?

Dual-key units are often pitched as saving you the cost of stamp duties. To be clear, you don’t pay lower stamp duties for these units. Rather, the reasoning is that you’re more or less buying two units, without incurring the Additional Buyers Stamp Duty (ABSD).

What is dual key access?

A Dual Key Concept Property is one which (usually) has a self contained studio accessed by a door, inside the main apartment. There is a common hallway, but separate lockable doors to each section. So the title belongs to one owner, but they can rent out the each portion separately, or live in one and rent the other.

Are dual key units more expensive?

In most developments, a dual-key unit costs between 15 to 20 per cent more than its equivalent sized counterpart.

What is dual key bedroom?

A dual key apartment is one apartment that is divided into two dwellings. Both dwellings are typically self-contained and will include a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living space.

Are dual key units good?

It’s more convenient to rent out part of your property Dual-key condo units are not just great for multi-generational living, they are also a great choice if you are looking for a rental investment opportunities. Be a stay-in landlord where you rent out one of your rooms in the same space that you are living in.

What is a dual key layout?

Simply put, a dual key unit is where a property is divided into two sub-types. For instance, a dual key unit may consist of a studio unit together with a one-bedroom unit. The two units usually only share a common foyer or entrance through which all occupants can enter.

What is 2 bedroom dual key?

What is a dual key investment?

A dual-key property is effectively one main property, divided into two dwellings, but instead of two exactly mirrored units like a duplex, it is usually a house on one side with a unit on the other.