How do I insert a list of references from EndNote to Word?

How do I insert a list of references from EndNote to Word?

Search for references in any open EndNote library. Select citations >>Insert. Go into your EndNote library, select reference(s) from your list and select the insert citation into Word icon from the toolbar. This will insert the reference(s) into your Word document.

How do you combine references?

If two separate citations appear together you may want to combine these into a single reference for style purposes. Simply highlight the two references you need to merge and press the ‘Merge Citations’ button on the toolbar. The two citations will be merged into a single, properly styled reference.

How do I separate references in EndNote?

Separate each chapter by going to Insert –> Section Break. Go to Tools –> EndNote –> Configure Bibliography making sure the style is set to the one you just modified, such as APA 6th Bibliography. The Word document will automatically update the references and display them after each chapter.

How do you add multiple citations?

Separate the citations with semicolons. Arrange two or more works by the same authors (in the same order) by year of publication. Place in-press citations last. Give the authors’ surnames once; for each subsequent work, give only the date.

How do you copy and paste references in EndNote?

Create and Export a Bibliography from EndNote

  1. Drag and drop method: hold down the Ctrl key as you drag references from the EndNote Library directly onto the Word document.
  2. Copy Formatted: Click on Edit > Copy Formatted, and then click on Paste in your Word document.

Can EndNote automatically delete duplicates?

EndNote will display a Find Duplicates dialog, where you can compare duplicates and decide which version to keep and which to delete. Click Cancel to automatically instruct EndNote to select the most recently-entered version(s) of each duplicate reference as the one(s) to be removed.

Can you put two citations next to each other?

Multiple In-Text Citations When multiple studies support what you have to say, you can include multiple citations inside the same set of parentheses. Within parentheses, alphabetize the studies as they would appear in the reference list and separate them by semicolons.

How do I merge references in zotero?

Click the “Merge # Items” button in the right column to merge the items. You can also select a group of two or more items of the same item type anywhere in your Zotero library, right-click, and select “Merge Items…” from the context menu.