Is Proforce V2 shaft good?

Is Proforce V2 shaft good?

I was in need of a senior shaft with a firmer tip and the Proforce V2 fit that need. Drives are consistently straight with a mid/high trajectory. Great shaft and great value.

Are Proforce shafts any good?

The PROFORCE V2 is an excellent shaft that excels at fitting a wide range of golfers and is budget-friendly. Its outstanding color pattern is head turning and its wide range of weight and flex options make it an ideal choice for players throughout their golf bag.

Are UST shafts any good?

The UST Mamiya Recoil graphite iron shafts are an extremely solid option, regardless of your shaft material preference. There may be a stigma attached to playing graphite iron shafts, but Recoil all but eradicates it after one swing. They feel absolutely similar to steel, and in my case much more stable.

What does torque in a golf shaft mean?

twisting force
Torque is defined as “a twisting force that tends to cause rotation.” In the case of a golf shaft, it’s the amount of twisting (or lack thereof) that occurs during the swing. The lower the torque number — it’s measured in degrees — the more resistant the shaft is to unwanted twisting.

Are steel shafts better than graphite?

Typically, steel shafts are much heavier, more durable and are generally less expensive than their graphite counterparts. Steel shafts tend to offer the golfer more feed back and feel than its graphite counterpart, which can be part of the decision-making process when selecting the golf club.

Who is the UST Proto 110 recoil shaft for?

Recoil Prototype 110 iron shafts are designed for the golfer seeking a mid – low ball flight and extreme stability. UST Mamiya’s new Recoil Iron Shafts are a game changer.

Does higher torque golf shaft mean?

“Torque” is a property of golf shafts that describes how much the shaft is prone to twisting during the golf swing. A shaft with a lower torque rating means the shaft better resists twisting; a shaft with a higher torque rating means the shaft is more prone to twisting (all other things being equal).

Does tipping a shaft reduce spin?

If you like the shaft you’re playing but want a stiffer feeling, tipping it should deliver the desired result. Tipping a shaft, just like choosing a stiffer flex, does not guarantee lower spin.

Do any pros use graphite shafts?

Graphite irons shafts aren’t new, mind you. Phil Mickelson was one of the first tour pros to use graphite in his irons during his 8-year run as a Yonex staffer, even though he admitted the shafts were the source of erratic ball-striking early in his career.